What Does Post Is Being Processed TikTok Message Mean?
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What Does Post Is Being Processed TikTok Message Mean And Potential Fixes

Jasmyne Jeffery February 10, 2023

Some users have run into a message on TikTok that they’ve not seen before. It’s stopping the immediate upload of a video and confusing them as to why. Don’t worry — we can explain what ‘post is being processed’ means on TikTok and potential fixes and solutions to get your video up.

We all want to join in with the latest trends or make a hilarious skit and go viral. However, going to the effort of making it is worthless if you can’t upload it. That’s what happened to some TikTok users, receiving a message saying their video is being processed instead of being posted. It’s not the end of the world, and there are even some possible ways you can help get your video posted faster.

What Does The Post Is Being Processed TikTok Message Mean?

Game Revolution reports that users will see this message if your video is in the middle of being uploaded and converted into the correct format.

Typically, this is pretty immediate and you won’t even notice that TikTok has done it. However, sometimes it can take some time, usually meaning there’s an error on the app’s end.

Occasionally, a video is uploaded perfectly only for the post being processed TikTok message to appear a little later. This means that your video is now under review because it may have broken the app’s guidelines. If this comes up, it doesn’t mean that your video is inappropriate, it’s bots that check this thing, so it’s very possible they’ve got it wrong.

Even if you have slipped up and broken a rule, you won’t immediately be suspended or stopped from uploading any more videos. However, that particular post can’t be seen by others until it has been reviewed.

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Potential Fixes For Video Is Being Processed Message

When the message appears regardless of your content, it is normally an error with TikTok. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help. Rav AI offers these solutions on how to fix the post is being processed TikTok message.

As always, check if your device is properly connected to the internet and that your broadband is working. It sounds silly, but your upload will be affected if it’s not and it can be fixed easily. Next, try closing the app and letting it restart. Any small issues are usually resolved by doing this and it may be a background bug causing the processing issues.

If it’s still not working then delete and re-install the TikTok app. This will help fix any larger problems it’s facing yet doesn’t necessarily need addressing in an immediate update. That being said, if you don’t have automatic updates then check your app store just in case.

The next step would be to restart your phone. This will have a similar effect as closing and re-opening the app, but will be more thorough. Finally, you can always try clearing any caches or data stored for TikTok on your device as these can slow down your app significantly.

If the problem is to do with the server rather than your device, then you can check site-wide outages using the Down Detector site.

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