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What Has The James Webb Space Telescope Found So Far?

Manon Lamy January 21, 2023

It is possibly one of this decade’s most important scientific achievements but what has the James Webb Space Telescope found so far? This orbiting infrared observatory was launched a year ago, atop an Arianne rocket. The telescope had to travel a million miles through space to orbit around the second Lagrange point.

The telescope took six months to come online and begin scientific operations. However, since then it has made discovery after discovery. The JWST will aim to answer some of the big questions of the universe.

Webb is the most powerful telescope ever built. It is the successor to the Hubble.

What does the JWST hope to do?

The James Webb Space Telescope aims to answer some of the big questions of the universe that we have not yet been able to decipher. What did the early universe look like? What can we learn about dark matter and dark energy?

This ingenious telescope will help us understand the universe better than ever before.

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The James Webb Space Telescope is the furthest seeing telescope humankind has ever built. It will look at the births of stars, observe the universe’s first galaxies as well as looking at exoplanets with the potential for life.

And in the six months the telescope has been active so far it has already started eluding some of the mysteries.

James Webb Space Telescope Discoveries

Webb is a telescope a long time in the making. Now it is fully operational, ready to contribute to science. Firstly, the JWST has managed to capture the birth of a star in the famous Pillars of Creation situated in the Eagle nebula. Thanks to Webb’s infrared imaging, it was able to capture the creation of the stars; something that was previously inaccessible.

This type of infrared imaging is what makes Webb such a special telescope. Nothing before was able to achieve such images. These images will help us understand how stars form, including the sun.

Another discovery made by the telescope is exoplanets. An exoplanet is any planet that exists outside of our solar system. These have been known of since the 1990s. But, thanks to the JWST, it was finally able to capture an image of an exoplanet.

Moreover, the JWST also produced an image on how early stars formed in what is referred to by scientists as ‘cosmic noon‘ more than 10 billion years ago. The JWST’s work has only just begun and is already making huge strides in the field of science.

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