What Is A Nudge On TikTok? New Feature Explained
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What Is A Nudge On TikTok? New Feature Explained

Jasmyne Jeffery February 24, 2023

There are always new features on TikTok to improve the experience and keep fans engaged. The latest one, however, feels pretty familiar to those who have been around the social media block before. We give you the TikTok nudge meaning and how it impacts your experience.

Users have noticed a new button on the app, showing that even stepping away from it for a day or two means missing out on some pretty major updates. You might think it’s similar to something we had on Facebook, or maybe it’s brand new. Eitherway, we can explain it.

What Is A Nudge On TikTok? Meaning Explained

Simply, it lets users ask their favourite creators to go live by clicking a button on their profile. The viewer will then be notified about any live updates and be able to watch in real time.

The feature isn’t actually new and has been around since the summer. However, it’s only been available to some and has taken off in the way it was probably hoped to.

Lots of users have noticed its similarity to the poke feature on Facebook, something that became a bit of a meme and very, very annoying. If fans can notify creators when they want them to live, that means they could be receiving thousands of notifications a day; it’s easy to see why it might not be TikTok’s best development.

However, it’s a great way of getting engagement levels up for some creators, so it’s definitely not all bad.

How To Turn Off And On Nudge Feature

If you’ve already had enough of it or you want to get involved, we can tell you how to toggle TikTok nudge to suit your experience.

But first, you should probably know how to find it. If the feature is already on, then you’ll be able to find the button on any profile that also has it switched on. By clicking the bell at the top of their page, you’ll be able to adjust your live settings for that creator; under there will be the new nudge button to send them a notification.

To turn it off or on, you’ll need to head into your own settings where you can turn it off. As a creator, you should go into Creator Tools, select nudge, and then toggle off ‘Allow viewers to nudge you.’ We don’t blame you if you’ve instantly turned it off.

Don’t be alarmed if you can’t find the TikTok nudge button or how to turn it off in your settings. The feature hasn’t been properly rolled out so isn’t available to all. If you really can’t find it, it will just mean you haven’t got it yet.

Users React To New TikTok Nudge Button

Whilst some have reacted negatively to the update, others are quite pleased with the return of poke…we mean nudge.

This person seems pretty excited about the prospect. If you’re followed by her, you might want to watch out for extra notifications…

Others are a tad more confused about the decision as we all know how popular Facebook’s poke was.

Creators have been a little concerned about TikTok nudge. Understandably, you don’t always want to be going live.

Clearly, the button has had a mixed response and it’s not known when it will be available to all. But, when it is, at least you’ll know how to turn it off.

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