What Is The TikTok Loveprint Quiz? Viral Relationship Test Explained
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What Is The TikTok Loveprint Quiz? Viral Relationship Test Explained

Jasmyne Jeffery February 22, 2023

The internet is full of viral tests that tell you different things about your personality and relationship. Somehow, they all end up trending on TikTok and the new loveprint quiz is no different. February is the month of love, of course, so why not finish it off by taking (yet another) test to find out something new?

Another day, another viral test on TikTok for us to get obsessed with. The start of 2023 has given us a lot of quizzes to be getting on with and we’ve certainly taken them all. Be it the love character test, or smile dating test, there’s definitely been a theme. It doesn’t seem like the trend is going to slow down either.

What Is The Jubilee Nectar Loveprint Quiz?

The test is a very simple strongly disagree to strongly agree response quiz to different statements. You’ll be presented with different sentences and you need to answer according to how you feel or how your relationship matches up to it.

Some examples of statements posed include:

“I prefer to process my feelings on my own,” and “learning about a romantic partner takes time.”

After responding, you’ll need to answer a few questions about yourself. This will be your age bracket, sexual orientation, gender identity and relationship status.

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Unfortunately, you have to sign up with your email address to get your loveprint test results. If you’re happy to do so, your results will then be a colour and an acronym.

On the left-hand side of the screen will be a chart placing you on a scale depending on your answers. There are a number of scales. These are: reflective over active communication, emotional over physical intimacy, guarded to open vulnerability and I over we in your partnership.

For each section, there’s a detailed breakdown of what each letter of the acronym means. The loveprint quiz also says how it affects your relationship.

Going viral on TikTok, the loveprint hashtag has a huge 15.4 million views, with everybody wanting their own results.

Examples Of The TikTok Relationship Quiz

So you get a proper understanding of what the TikTok loveprint quiz looks like and what results you might get, we’ve collected some great examples.

This is a short summary of the test and gives you an insight into the deep questions you’ll be asked.


♡〜Taking the nectar loveprint test 〜♡ @lovecommanectar #nectar #lovetest #loveprint #rweg #fyp

♬ latch – 🦋

If you’re more intrigued about the different results you might get, this one tells you a few of the types. Once you get your own TikTok loveprint quiz results, you’ll be able to explore all the answers too. There are 16 altogether, all with separate colours and acronyms.


Didn’t think it’d actually be that accurate 🫶🏼#loveprint #greenscreen

♬ mirrorball – Taylor Swift

This user shows you want the scale at the end looks like. It’s tempting to try and change your answers so you get what you think is best. However, that won’t be a true representation of your relationship personality!

The only thing left for you to do now is to take the test yourself! Oh, and film it and post the results on TikTok of course…

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