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What Is April Theory On TikTok?

Zoe Kramer March 31, 2023

You may have seen references to something called ‘April Theory’ in TikTok videos, comments, or elsewhere on the Internet. It has become popular terminology to use to describe this time of year. But what exactly does it mean? It can be somewhat confusing to understand, especially when it’s referenced without providing any background or explanation. Well, as it turns out, to understand April Theory, you need to understand something called March Theory first. So here is a rundown of both of these concepts so we can finally answer the question: what is April Theory?

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What Is March Theory On TikTok?

Both of these month theories have to do with relationships and compatibility. TikTokers have noticed certain patterns of behaviour in both themselves and their friends during these months, and have taken to the app to report their findings. Others have chimed in with similar stories, while some dismiss the idea altogether.

March Theory is the idea that during March, many people tend to have breakups all at once. The theory is that the cold weather and lack of sun can make people moody, upset, and see the worst in one another. Fights break out all the time, even over the littlest things. As a result, relationships that are not built on solid ground tend to fall apart during this time. It can be something of an ominous warning to those who are in relationships that their love for one another may be tested during this time. On the other hand, the relationships that do make it through the March period tend to be stronger because of it.

What Is April Theory On TikTok?

April Theory is essentially the opposite of March Theory, only not in a way that contradicts it, but rather in a way that provides the next steps on life’s journey. After the dark and dismal breakup period of March, we enter into sunnier and lighter times in April. The idea is that during this time period, people flourish and become the best versions of themselves. In terms of relationships, this could mean renewing existing bonds, or perhaps meeting someone new.

Some Examples Of The Trend

Curious to learn more about April Theory? Here is some insight on the topic from a few different voices on TikTok.

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