What Is Post To View on TikTok?
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What Is Post To View On TikTok?

Jasmyne Jeffery November 15, 2022

Fans have noticed a new feature on the app and the initial reaction is overwhelmingly negative. If you’re as confused as everyone else, we answer what is ‘post to view’ on TikTok.

It seems like TikTok is releasing a new feature on the app more frequently than ever. Just this year alone they’ve introduced favourite notifications and the ability to see who’s been viewing your profile. This time, fans think the app has gone too far and is even copying off of another app.

What Is Post To View On TikTok?

This new feature is called ‘TikTok Now’ and blurs out content on the For You page until you post a photo or a short clip yourself. Users have a time limit in which to post and will receive a notification saying ‘Time to Now’ when they need to post.

Primarily, TikTok Now has been a feature for US users who have seen it built into the original TikTok app. Though this is the case for some other countries, it seems that for most users around the globe TikTok Now is a separate app. Although the latter is more appealing than disturbing your standard content, fans are still not happy about the change.

Fans Think TikTok Now Is Just BeReal

If that concept is sounding a little familiar to you then you are not the only one. Many users have criticised the feature for its overwhelming similarity to another social media app. BeReal, which is a relatively new app, asks users to post a photo from their front and back camera within a certain time limit and a certain point in the day. The app notifies users that it’s ‘Time to BeReal’ and your friends’ content is only available once you have posted your own.

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The only real difference between the two is that TikTok Now allows users to post videos and gives them an extra minute to post content. However, fans don’t think this difference is enough.

Immediately, fans called the feature a “knockoff” of BeReal and are calling for it to be removed from the TikTok app. Fans have immediately raced to Twitter to share their frustration, with hundreds of tweets asking “what is post to view on TikTok?”

You Can Turn Off TikTok Now Notifications

Whilst it’s not certain whether those who have the feature built into TikTok can disable TikTok Now completely, you can turn off the daily notification for it.

All you have to do is go to the privacy part of your settings and then go to content and activity. After that, scroll til you see push notifications. There should now be a TikTok Now section within that, so simply toggle it off.

If you’re intrigued and want to get on board with having to post to view on TikTok, then here’s how you can. All those who have the feature built-in only need to update the app since November 14. If you’re not one of those, then you might need to download the app separately. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the app is available in the UK yet (at least for us!) so you may just have to hold on a little while before getting real on TikTok Now.

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