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What Is Tattle Life TikTok? Site Used To Comment On Influencers

Jasmyne Jeffery December 3, 2022

TikTok creators have been hitting back after users of Tattle life have been using the site to make hurtful and unnecessary comments. Never heard of the site? We have everything you need to know.

TikTok users have been a little confused after many of their favourite content creators have been mentioning something called Tattle life. Some of the influencers have tried to see the funny side of the situation and satirically reenacted what the comments believe about them to show how untruthful it is.

What Is Tattle Life?

Tattle life describes itself as a commentary website. Users create forums about things that they want to talk about or moan about with others who think the same.

Unfortunately, the site has been a massive platform for users to share anonymous messages of hate about influencers. Tattle life TikTok, a forum to discuss TikTok creators, has gained a lot of awareness lately for the amount of hurtful comments users have been leaving.

Although the site makes its policies of abusive messages clear on its homepage, users have abused that in itself and consistently break the rules. According to Tattle life, they have moderators 24/7 to remove comments that break the rules “within minutes.” It seems the site is struggling with users crossing the line from opinion to hate speech.

The site says that it moves trolling away from influencer and content creator pages so that trolling is minimised:

“It’s an important part of a healthy, free and fair society for members of the public to have an opinion on those in a position of power and influence; that is why tattle exists. We allow people to express their views on businesses away from an influencers feed on a site where they would have to go out of their way to read, this is not trolling.”

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The Tattle Life TikTok Forum

One of the most popular forums on Tattle life is about creators on TikTok. The site itself said that the forum “has been by far the most troublesome on tattle,” and users have been breaking the rules.

Earlier this year, the site stopped new members from joining and commenting on the forum.

“If someone doesn’t have access to reply here now, then they never will.”

Since the site intervened, it appears another forum has appeared under a slightly different name. At the moment, this forum still exists.

So, it seems that the comments have been toned down then from earlier this year.


If people hate us that much why do they watch us all the time and know more about our life than us !!😂😂 Love tattle life so much!!!! ❤❤

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That being said, many TiktTok creators still aren’t happy about what is being said on the site.

But they’re choosing to respond with humour instead!

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