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What is The Cuff It TikTok Dance Trend? How To Do It And Some Great Examples

Jasmyne Jeffery December 3, 2022

Inspired by one of Beyoncé’s newest songs, fans are paying homage by creating the Cuff It TikTok dance. Thousands have participated in the TikTok dance trend, so we have how to do the Cuff It dance trend with some great examples.

Everybody loves Beyoncé. So, it’s not surprising that her millions of fans have created a new TikTok dance trend for one of her latest songs. Cuff It was released less than 2 months ago and has been adored by fans. It’s even gained a nomination for a Grammy.

If you’ve seen the latest TikTok dance trend on your For You page, then you’re definitely not alone. The sound has over 2 million videos on the app. If you’re feeling a little out of the loop or have two left feet, then we can show you how to do it.

How To Do The Cuff It TikTok Dance

The main dance is to the second part of the chorus starting “Bet you’ll see far, bet you’ll see stars…” and so on. The dance begins with body rolling from left to right, then left and left again, repeating and swapping sides until the end of the second line.

You then crouch down whilst moving your body from left to right, doing a figure eight until you’re standing up again, ending with a hop and a clap. You repeat this section twice, and then have a little shimmy flourish at the end.

Here’s a video tutorial if you’re still a little confused. It’s slowed down you so you can follow the moves until you’ve perfected it.

Who Started the Beyoncé Dance Trend?

ET credit The Cuff It TikTok dance trend to users Maycee (@maycsteele) and Kaitlyn (@ogpartyhardy26) who posted the video back in August. Since then, the trend has massively taken off and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Queen B herself.

Now, Beyoncé has thirty of her favourite Cuff It dance videos on her Instagram for everyone to see, calling it ‘Cuff It Season’. Her favourites include fans on a plane, a young fan in front of the Statue of Liberty and some doctors and nurses getting involved too.

It really seems like everybody is absolutely loving getting down to the song.

Cuff It TikTok Dance Examples

To leave you inspired, here are some of the best examples of people getting funky to Cuff It.


I posted this so y’all could see the man behind us #cuffit

♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

If you haven’t gotten involved, it is definitely time to channel your inner Beyoncé!

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