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What Is The Blue Couch On TikTok?

Zoe Kramer May 23, 2023

If you’ve seen images of a bubbly blue couch on the Internet lately and didn’t know what was going on, you’re not the only one. From Twitter to TikTok, this piece of furniture has sparked quite a lively discussion and spawned countless memes. However, if you’re out of the loop, it can be quite confusing. What is this couch and why is everyone talking about it? Luckily, we’re here to get you up to speed. So, here is the answer to: what is the blue couch on TikTok?

Photo by Felix Luo on Unsplash

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The couch was first brought to public attention with a story shared by New Yorker Amanda Joy on TikTok. She told the tale of how she happened upon her dream couch on the side of the road and took it home with her. The couch in question was identified as the Bubble sofa from Roche Bobois. She expressed her excitement at finding an $8000 couch for free. It was raining when she found it and the couch was dirty, but she said she cleaned it up and gave it a home in her apartment.

There are a number of reasons why this object of furniture has caused so much uproar. One of them is potential reasons why the couch could have been abandoned. People speculated that it could potentially have a bed bug infestation, which is why the previous owners would have wanted to get rid of it. Abandoning and adopting furniture off the streets is common practice in cities like New York, but with fabric furniture, insect infestation is always a possibility. Others joked that it could be haunted or filled with soldiers like the Trojan Horse.

Another subject of interest in the case of the blue couch was simply its overall look. Many people disliked its cobalt blue colour as well as its bubbly, round style. Many expressed disbelief that the object could be worth $8000, and wondered if it could be a knockoff of the original. Others, however, were enthusiastic at the idea of finding such a unique piece of furniture for free, and wished it could happen to them. After all, what could be more lucky than finding your ideal sofa without having to pay for it?

So what is the blue couch on TikTok? Well, it’s either cute or gross, depending on who you ask. Regardless of your opinion of the blue couch, everyone is certainly within their rights to thrift whatever furniture they want. It is a good idea to always check for bugs, though.

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