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What Is The Meaning of December 3 on TikTok?

Jasmyne Jeffery December 1, 2022

TikTok users have been noticing a lot of mentions about December 3rd on their For You page without much explanation. We take a look at what the meaning is of December 3 and why it is so special.

After gaining attention in the summer, TikTok users are noticing that December 3rd is being mentioned again. . The app isn’t providing a lot of information about why. But as the day gets closer, it only seems to be growing in popularity on users For You pages.

What Is Special About December 3 on TikTok?

If you can cast your mind back to 2020, then that was when the reference was first being mentioned. And, just like October 3, it is of course a pop culture reference.

December 3rd is a date mentioned in the heartbreak anthem, Heather, by Conan Gray. In fact, it’s mentioned in the first line of the song:

“I still remember, 3rd of December. Me in your sweater. You said it looked better on me than it did you.”

The song took off massively on TikTok, with fans creating videos reenacting Heather walking by and catching their eye. Now, just like October 3, every time this time of year rolls around fans bring up the significant date.

December 3 has now been unofficially coined as Heather day, with it even making an appearance on the Urban Dictionary. Fans can celebrate by wearing their a sweater from a loved one and going on a lovely date. Or, they think about how lonely they are and how no one will give them their sweater. We know which would we could rather…

So, if you’ve been left confused over the December 3 TikTok meaning, it’s just some fans sharing their love for a song.

Some Great Examples Of The December 3rd Trend

Fans are now demanding that they receive a sweater to commemorate the day. Let’s just hope their heart isn’t broken by Heather as well then.

As someone who can never get warm, the idea of being gifted someone else’s warm sweater does sound pretty good.


heather day is this week….

♬ i wish i were heather – evie

Even Conan Gray has even gotten onto the trend himself. We’re sure there are plenty of fans that would be willing to give him a sweater for Heather day.

At least if everybody is sharing their lack of sweaters on Heather day then we know we’re not the only ones without one.

*Sigh*, I wish I were Heather…

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