What Is The Jellyfish Trend? The New Fashion Style And Haircut
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What Is The Jellyfish Trend? The New Fashion Style And Haircut

Jasmyne Jeffery February 21, 2023

What’s in fashion is constantly changing and being inspired by random things. Animals have definitely played their part, with fur, leather and more – but have we wanted to look like one before? Enter the jellyfish fashion trend, with stars such as Hailey Bieber proving it’s the next big thing. However, the jellyfish haircut is quick on its heels with a much bolder look.

If all the models are doing it, then it must be fashionable. The new style craze to hit 2023 is inspired by a sea animal and we think it won’t be long until you notice it spreading. If you’re wanting to up your university style or prove you’re the trendsetter friend, you’ll need to know all about jellyfish fashion.

What Is The Jellyfish Trend?

Simple yet effective, the jellyfish fashion trend is wearing something baggy or oversized on your top half and something tight and small on your bottom half.

Looking at a jellyfish, the style makes complete sense. After all, the animal is much wider at the top of its body where the dome is. Then, it becomes much narrower as you move down where the tentacles are.

What’s great is that getting involved is super easy. Sure, all the celebrities will probably be wearing designer something or other, but that’s not important. As long as you have an oversized tee, hoodie or even a coat and pair it with leggings, skinny jeans or shorts, then you’re doing it exactly right. No need to spend extra money that, as a student, you probably don’t have. Just use whatever is in your wardrobe and adapt!

Often, we don’t a lot of motivation to make an effort for those early morning lectures. However, now you can be comfy and fashionable and blame it on the jellyfish trend.

Some Great Examples For Inspiration

If you’re a little concerned about how you might style it and not look like a slob, then we’ve got some great inspo pictures for you.

First up is Hailey Bieber, with a simple t-shirt and jacket on top and shorts on the bottom. Nothing overly exciting, but definitely on trend.

Zendaya looks stunning pulling off the jellyfish silhouette. This is probably a little out of most of our price change, but it proves that tights and a blazer are the way to go.

Emily Atack took the jellyfish to the Brits, showing just how versatile the blazer really is.

What About The Jellyfish Haircut?

You may have seen this one on TikTok and it wasn’t one taken on so much by our favourite celebrities. It is definitely more of a statement, the jellyfish haircut is almost like an extreme mullet.

Those choosing to have the style are cutting the front of their hair, so from the ears forward, into a choppy bob. The back of the hair is then left a lot longer. Looking amazing on some, this haircut is for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Trying it out on a wig to see how she feels, the comments on this attempt were a little mixed.

“It’s a cute cut but not cute enough for real hair,” one said, thinking the style to be a little much.

“I’m so tempted!” said another, knowing how big of a commitment it is.


My best friend is one of the coolest people ever. #jellyfishcut #gooddyeyoung @gooddyeyoung @mayorofdyketown #k18results

♬ Skate – Trees and Lucy

An actual example, this girl had some amazing colours put in as well and honestly, we think it lots awesome.

The two types of jellyfish styles are going to prove what kind of trendsetter you are. Some of us will take it nice and easy with the clothing, and others will definitely be purchasing some hairdressing scissors ASAP. Whichever one you try, just know that you’re keeping up with the fashion of 2023.

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