What Is The TikTok Dupe Trend? Viral Phenomenon Saving People Money
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What Is The TikTok Dupe Trend? Viral Phenomenon Saving People Money

Jasmyne Jeffery January 20, 2023

We’re all looking for ways to find things for cheaper. That’s where the TikTok dupe trend comes in. Though it can be a little controversial and there’s confusion over the doop meaning, the phenomenon is saving people money. We can tell you the dupe definition so you know what to look out for.

Everybody wants to look their best. Be that with the clothes you wear, the make-up you have or even the fragrances you own. What we don’t want, is to pay a fortune to do it. Luckily, the TikTok dupe trend is giving us all the necessary information and inspiration to get the things that we love, for less. Though there is a little controversy around aspects of the trend, largely, people are just thrilled to be saving some pennies.

What Is The TikTok Dupe Meaning?

In relation to the TikTok trend, the dupe definition is a cheaper product that is incredibly similar to one that is high-end or a lot more expensive. Products are usually beauty items, clothes, or tech related, but they can be anything where it’s practically the same as something else with a bigger price tag.

The actual meaning, according to Collins Dictionary, is to be tricked, lied to or cheated. The dupe definition is heavily tied with deceit, which does make some sense with the TikTok dupe meaning. You’re getting something that is very similar to a high-end product but essentially isn’t.

The TikTok definition definitely puts a positive spin on the dupe definition, but you can’t deny there are still some layers of lying about it.

The TikTok Dupe Trend

Users have gone a little wild about the trend on TikTok, but it’s easy to see why. Anyone would be happy with finding out they can have their favourite product for even less. Now, lots of content creators dedicate videos to what beauty dupes they have found, or people post in the hopes of finding a dupe on the platform.

Not all dupes are as successful as others and you can’t expect exactly the same quality either. But, this TikToker found that even Primark are stocking make-up dupes of the more expensive brands, and she had some pretty great results.

Dupes are becoming more and more common, and for the most part, we love them! However, there are a couple of problems with the TikTok dupe trend.

The Doop Trend Meaning

Some are making fun of the original trend by finding joke dupes for products wherever they go. Though it’s all in good fun, lots of people are getting a little frustrated with their pronunciation. The doop meaning is exactly the same as a dupe, but it’s said a little differently and meant to poke fun at the dupe phenomenon.

The doop trend is only meant to be a bit of fun and eventually, all things become a bit of a meme on TikTok. however, that hasn’t stopped some people from getting a little frustrated at it.

“what’s the point of this trend.” One commented, clearly not a fan of the doop trend.

Another agreed that the trend just wasn’t funny, “this gotta be the most unfunny trend ever.”

“Doop is so annoying help.”

The Dupe Trend Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Whilst we all want to save some money, sometimes that means taking it from the wrong people. Getting cheaper beauty or make-up products when the original costs ten times more is fine, but it’s when ideas are taken from a smaller business that it becomes a grey area.

Some people on TikTok have reported that bigger, fast fashion brands have often stocked similar items to those found on small business sites. The items cost less, and aren’t as good quality, but draw in a bigger audience. So, although they didn’t come up with the design, they’re profiting from it and the expense of a smaller brand.

Many users have publicly spoken about the reported design stealing from bigger brands and some have even said they will be taking legal action.

Whilst we’re only seeing one side of the story on TikTok, the reports and rumours are still concerning. So, when you’re buying a product from a bigger merchandiser, just check it’s not something a smaller business is selling!

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