What To Do While You Wait For Your Assignment Grades

What To Do While You Wait For Your Assignment Grades

Charis Gambon February 22, 2022

We all find ourselves stressed when we’ve submitted an essay or sat an exam and we’re waiting to discover our grade. Everyone always gets themselves into such an anxious state about something we no longer have control over. Here are a few ideas on what you could do during that time to reduce stress and anxiety.

Don’t keep talking about the assignments

You have completed and sent that essay or exam so there’s nothing you can do now. Talking about how you think you did and how your friends think they did won’t help. Similarly, comments about content you wish you’d covered but didn’t won’t benefit. In fact, quite the opposite, they’ll make you more stressed.

Spend time with your friends

Have some fun while you wait. Visit that friend you’ve been saying for ages you would see but haven’t had the time to. Or see someone local that you spend a lot of time with. Socialising will enable you to stay within the moment and stop you worrying. You will be having far too much fun for the fact you are waiting for a grade to pass your mind.

Read a book

You can pass some time while you wait through reading. You will also be a lot less stressed if you choose to read. Reading reduces stress and helps to improve your mental state. There is a book genre out there for everyone, so you should be able to find something you enjoy.

Go to the cinema

When you visit the cinema, you are truly in the moment. Not being able to check your phone to see if the result is out yet (even though you know it is not) will do you the world of good. When you aren’t counting down the time and constantly checking, you will be less worried. There is plenty to watch at the cinema to suit all tastes so get down there.

Participate in volunteering or an internship

Taking all of that negative energy and challenging it into something positive will serve you incredibly well. Volunteering or an internship allows you to be a part of something bigger that is not about yourself. Another positive is that you can conduct them within fields you are hoping to get into after university, which will serve you well.

Spend time with pets

Pets don’t get stressed or worried about things and always care about their owners. Spending time with your pets can reduce exam and essay fears. You cannot be stressed when presented with a soft fluffy animal. It’s simply not possible!

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