What To Look For When Choosing Your University
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What To Look For When Choosing Your University

Zoe Kramer March 26, 2023

Choosing what university will be right for you can be an overwhelming process. It can be difficult to make a decision when even the best metrics to base that decision on are up for debate. It’s especially difficult because of how individual the decision is. A university that is perfect for one student may not work out for another. Everyone wants to go to a ‘good’ university, but what does that entail? Here are some of the most important things to look for when you’re choosing which university to attend.

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Location can be quite important when choosing a university. If you plan to live at home your first year or simply don’t want to move too far away, this is important to consider when weighing your options. Alternatively, you may want to try out a new location, whether that’s a big city or a more rural area.


The look and feel of the campus can be important, too. Ideally, you want to go somewhere that feels welcoming and inviting, with a good student union, study spaces, outdoor areas, and nightlife.

Individual Programme

It’s a good idea to consider the individual programme you will be participating in as well. Getting the chance to see where the faculty is based and potentially meet them is a good idea, as well as ascertaining the general reputation of the university for that particular subject.


Where you’re going to live at university is another important factor. See if you can get a tour of the halls to check it out for yourself. You can also ask about room and bed sizes, ensuites, and catered meals. Some universities offer quiet accommodations as well.


Another aspect to consider what to look for when choosing your university are its rankings. While they’re not everything, rankings can give you a good estimation of a university’s standing overall. You might use the rankings to compare it with other universities in the area, or see how it stacks up with a particular subject. You can even take a look at the global ranking to see how it compares to other universities across the world.

Student Opinions

Another great way to get a sense of what a university is like is to talk to a student there. If you’re on a campus tour or visiting, strike up a conversation. Students are usually happy to talk about their experience and give you insight. You can also talk to other students online through forums.

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