What Were the Best Films of 2022?
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What Were the Best Films of 2022?

Zoe Kramer December 31, 2022

It’s easy to forget all that happened in the world of film this year. Even with the lingering impacts of Covid-19, there was still plenty to see. With so many releases in every genre, it’s no stretch to say that 2022 was full to the brim with great cinema. That made it difficult to select only a few titles, but there were a couple of strong standouts. So before we dive headlong into what next year will bring to cinemas, here are some of the best films of 2022.

All The Beauty And The Bloodshed

This film delves into a whole multiverse of different versions of laundromat owner Evelyn. It’s a visually stunning and colourful movie. It’s fascinating to explore how we can hold a multitude of identities within our ordinary lives, and yet retain a sense of who we are. Emotional and outside of the box, this film is a great option to watch if you haven’t already.


Jordan Peele has set the bar pretty high for himself, but his latest film Nope did not disappoint. Its genre bending mashup of horror, sci-fi and western makes for a riveting and innovative blockbuster. The film is not only thrilling but also thought-provoking, questioning the things we will sacrifice for the sake of entertainment, and where our need for spectacle comes from.

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Another one of the best films of 2022 is RRR. RRR is truly the film that has everything. From absurd and ridiculously fun action sequences to dance numbers to its powerful central story of rebellion against British colonialism, there’s little not to love about this movie. Audiences should be prepared for a long run-time, incredibly vast and lush visuals, and lots and lots of tigers.

The Batman

Robert Pattinson’s take on the dark knight goes way beyond your average superhero film. Compared with the gritty and intense Nolan trilogy, this film wasn’t afraid to lean more into some of the more comedic aspects of the topsy turvy world of Gotham while still preserving Batman’s characteristic edge. Aside from his fighting abilities, it was refreshing to get back into the detective work the character is known for.

Turning Red

This animated film truly deserved a theatrical release. Turning Red is a cute comedy about a thirteen year old girl who turns into a giant red panda whenever she feels heightened emotions. It’s a look at all the messiness and confusion of puberty with a lot of empathy for the young people experiencing this turbulent time.

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