What Your Christmas Lights And Decorations Say About You
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What Your Christmas Decorations Say About You

Cicely McFarlane November 26, 2022

As the years go on, people tend to get more and more excited about putting their Christmas decorations up for all to see. So much so, that people have even started doing it in early November. But what do your Christmas decorations say about you?

There is normally a harsh line on if you think it’s appropriate to start putting your decorations up before December, with some people believing the consumerism of it all has got out of control.

However, I completely relate to people who do wish to put up their lights earlier, as Christmas time tends to fly by so very quickly.

By enabling people to put up their lights sooner, we can stretch out the celebrations for as long as possible.

When people decorate their house, they often have many different themes. Whether this be colour schemes, characters, inflatables, reindeer in the garden, or a simple white light aesthetic. It is very telling regarding who lives inside the house, from the way the outside is decorated.

So what can we learn about the personality of the people living in the house from the lights on the outside. Below is a rough guide. Have a read, see what category you fit into and, see if it sums up your personality to a tee.

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Multi-Colour Madness

If you follow no order and simply put up all the flashing lights different multi-colour options around the front garden, doorway, or house, you are definitely the same people who put their decorations up as soon as possible.

You have fun decorating and usually do so with mulled wine, family and friends. You don’t care if all the colour schemes match, as you simply want your house to be lit up as much as possible.

This represents your excitement for the upcoming month. Christmas songs have been blasting since the start of November and you’ll soon be watching your favourite Christmas films in your festive pyjamas.

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Outdoor Characters

If you are someone who has inflatable Santa’s, snowmen, reindeers, elves, or other Christmassy characters on the outside of your house, then you are definitely the joker of your group.

You don’t really mind if it’s not ascetically pleasing in the day. For people driving by, you want to make them smile or laugh and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If this sounds like you, then you usually wait until December to start putting up these huge inflatables and well-lit reindeer. This is so you don’t become overwhelmed by the huge transformation your house will go through.

Professional White

If you are someone who prefers a clean, pretty, twinkly and sleek look, then you love the sophisticated side of Christmas. You are mature yet want to express how much you love this season by having the prettiest house on the street.

Your tree can be viewed from the window and is completely matching with the exterior. Here you and your friends and family sit in your matching pyjama sets.

You throw dinner parties and Christmas events where people dress up to the nines. Dinning here feels like you’re in some snow Queen or King’s palace.

Now you know what your Christmas decorations say about you, why not grab those boxes and kick off the festive season.

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