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Which American Colleges And Universities Are Banning TikTok And Why?

Jasmyne Jeffery January 19, 2023

Lots of American universities and colleges are making the move to stop students from using TikTok on campus. Dozens have already banned the app, which has been a hit with the younger generation since its release in 2016. Many students are now wondering which universities are banning TikTok and why are they doing it.

American universities, including ones in Texas, Georgia and Idaho, are prohibiting students from accessing TikTok on university-owned devices and networks. Though many other universities have not enforced a TikTok ban yet, they are still recommending deleting the app and more.

If one of your universities or colleges has been affected, or you’re worried that it might be, we can tell you which universities are banning TikTok.

Why Are Colleges Banning TikTok?

Last month, President Joe Biden signed a bill that would ban TikTok from all federally owned devices, with many state governments now following suit. Any universities or colleges in these states will have to follow the laws and guidance of their governors and implement bans themselves.

This all comes from concerns about data privacy on the app. There is a general unease in America about TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance over security and sensitive data issues

NBC News reports that part of the reason for the TikTok ban is concern over spying.

Whilst colleges and universities may be banning TikTok from their devices and networks, most students can still access the app by using their own devices and networks.

Which American Universities Are Banning TikTok?

As reported by NBC, these are the following American universities banning TikTok.

  • Auburn University, Alabama: The university will not ban TikTok from student-owned devices, but they recommended students delete it for privacy.
  • The University System, Georgia: As well as TikTok, all universities must prohibit WeChat and Telegram on any state-owned mobile phones and computers.
  • Boise State University, Idaho: The app is prohibited on state-owned devices and cannot be accessed through the school’s wifi. Any links to TikTok must be removed from the university website. Students can still access TikTok through their personal phones and using data.
  • Idaho State University: Similar rules to Boise State.
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  • University of Idaho: TikTok is banned from all university equipment. Students can still access the app through student or guest Wi-FI.
  • Iowa Public Universities: All three universities under its jurisdiction prohibit any educational accounts and the app on any school-owned devices.
  • Montana University System: All of the 16 post-secondary schools under MUS jurisdiction must remove TikTok from all educational devices and prohibit access through the schools’ network. Any university accounts must be removed and deleted.
  • Northeastern State University, Oklahoma: Employees, student organisations and departments must remove the app. TikTok is banned on any school-owned devices.
  • Oklahoma State University: The app is blocked from university networks and devices.
  • University of Oklahoma: Similar to above. Any university accounts must be replaced with other social media accounts.
  • South Dakota University System: All six South Dakota universities are banning TikTok. It cannot be used by employees on university-owned devices. However, it can be used for university marketing.
  • Texas A&M University: Employees have been directed to remove the app from university devices, delete all links to TikTok on university websites and stop posting on university accounts.
  • West Texas A&M University: TikTok is banned and blocked from all university devices.
  • University of Texas: The app is blocked from university Wi-Fi and is prohibited on state-owned devices.
  • University of Houston System: Students, faculty and staff are banned from downloading TikTok on government-issued devices across their four schools. The app also cannot be used for marketing purposes.
  • Texas Tech University System: All three universities are banning TikTok from school-issued devices, with all educational accounts needing to be deleted.

If you attend any of the following universities or were planning to, you may want to reconsider if accessing TikTok is a big issue for you. As concerns grow in the US, it would not be surprising if more American universities ban TikTok.

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