Which Celebrities Did Best On Hot Ones?
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Which Celebrities Have Faired Best On Hot Ones?

Molly Raby March 15, 2023

Since 2015, host of Hot Ones, Sean Evans, has been making our favourite celebrities cry, hiccup, sweat and, in Aubrey Plaza’s case, sniff milk up through her nose. This is one interviewing technique that has taken the world by storm. So, while most interviewees crumble under the pressure, which celebrities have managed to handle the heat and come out looking like a legend?

What Is Hot Ones?

Hot Ones is a YouTube show created by First We Feast that sees celebrities take on ten chicken wings of increasing heat. As said by host, Sean Evans, ‘This is the show with hot wings and even hotter questions’, in which he asks celebrities more intriguing and ridiculous things the more dazed they get.

The show has increased in popularity as the years have gone on. Their YouTube channel has amassed over 12 millions subscribers with their most viewed video, with Gordon Ramsey, coming in at 116 million views.

Who Handled The Heat Best?

The appeal of Hot Ones is seeing celebrities, who are seemingly well put together, media trained and precise, fall apart under the increasing heat of the array of Hot Ones hot sauces. We get scoops of information that we may never have found out before, seeing our favourites seemingly superhuman celebrities become human. However, there are a select few that were not fazed at all.

Elizabeth Olsen

The Scarlett Witch herself took to the Hot Ones seat in 2022. Olsen is known for her calming and soft demeanour so fans waited with bated breath to see if Evans could get her to crack.

However, she came out unscathed it seemed, retaining her regality. By wing seven, she even declared ‘I really like it, but it really gets you’ about a sauce which has broken other guests. She did tear up slightly, but not enough to remove her from this list of fierce competitors.

Keke Palmer

This amazing actress, singer and meme queen hit the Hot Ones seat in 2017 and took a bash. So, when she was brought back in 2022, fans were shocked to see that she really held her own.

Despite Evans arguing that she has a great poker face, Palmer seemingly was fine! It was as if she had been training for this exact challenge.

This video even had one person commenting, ‘Keke Palmer has a borderline supernatural charisma’, as if she wasn’t ten chicken wings deep into this heated challenge.

Paul Rudd

A man who seemingly defies time, looking exactly the same as he did decades ago, it seems Paul Rudd is immune to the Hot Ones heat as well.

In 2020, the Marvel actor sat down with Evans to take on the challenge and accidentally became a meme. After getting through all nine wings, once it got to the famous ‘last dab’, Rudd was so happy with himself he said, ‘Look at us, who would have though, not me!’

The video is still circulated on social media and currently has 22 million views, being one of the most famous and funniest versions of the show.

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