The Funniest Examples Of The Paul Rudd Look At Us Meme On TikTok
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The Funniest Examples Of The Paul Rudd Look At Us Meme On TikTok

Jasmyne Jeffery January 28, 2023

We’ve all seen it, loved it and are always looking for more. The Paul Rudd look at us meme has been around for a little while, but it never gets old. We have the funniest examples from TikTok to inspire you or just to give you a giggle.

Just like Paul Rudd, the look at us meme is timeless. Its adaptability means that it can span the course of internet popularity, with new versions being created all the time. We thought we’d gather the best of the bunch right here so you don’t have to look any further to get your fix.

Where Does The Paul Rudd Meme Come From?

According to Know Your Meme, the clip of the actor saying ‘”hey, look at us,” comes from the first series of Hot Ones back in 2019.

It instantly circulated on Twitter, with fans and more taking the short sound clip and applying it to different but hilarious situations. Everyone jumped on the clip and added their own captions, with some getting thousands and thousands of likes and retweets.

The quote itself is Paul saying to the host, ‘wow, look how far we’ve come,’ whilst looking proud of himself. So, it’s easy to see why it’s become quite so popular.

The Funniest Examples Of The Look At Us TikTok Meme

Strap yourself in — these might be a little too accurate, but they’re still guaranteed to bring the laughs.

Those brunch plans are always optimistic, yet we surprise ourselves every time by not only making it on time, but being more than ready for the bottomless drinks.

Thinking you’ll only have a quick flick through your FYP turns into hours of mindlessly scrolling. Proud doesn’t cover it, but we probably shouldn’t be surprised.

Sometimes, life just has different plans for us than we ever could have thought.

To become a meme is the greatest honour.

Paul Rudd Hot Ones Memes

Although the look at us clip was definitely the most popular, there were plenty of other memes to come from Paul’s appearance on Hot Ones.

There’s only so long you can stall before admitting defeat.

No one wants to be left alone on a night out, and Paul Rudd understands that.

If anybody can teach you self-love, then it’s the Paul Rudd Hot Ones edit.

We’re sure they’ll be plenty more versions of the look at us meme to come, but for now, these are the best pick of the bunch. Hopefully, your fix has been satiated, or maybe it reminded you of a simpler time on the internet. Eitherway, we hope you had a giggle nonetheless.

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