Which UK Universities Have The Best Employment Rates?
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Which UK Universities Have The Best Employment Rates?

Jasmyne Jeffery November 21, 2022

When you go to university, one of the expectations you have is that it’ll be easier to get a job after. Whilst that’s not necessarily true, these are the universities with the best employment rates in the UK

Students tend not to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a degree just for the sake of it. Most have the aspiration of a desired career as their end goal, and their time at university is helping them on the way. The dream is to get a job you love straight out of university, but the reality is often quite far from that.

Which university you attend could make a difference in how quickly you are hired. The following universities have the best employment rates, so you stand the best chance.

The UK Universities With The Best Employment Rates

These are the top five universities in the UK with the highest employment rates. The Guardian’s 2023 list looks at the percentage of students who found graduate-level jobs or are in further study within 15 months of completing their course.

5. Bath University

90 per cent of students at Bath University found employment within 15 months of graduating from their course. In fact, the Guardian gave it an overall score of 85.8 out of 100 and rank it 7 in the UK. This is an improvement on 2022 where Bath University placed 8.

Students also gave the university around 85 per cent in their satisfaction towards their course and teaching in the NSS.

4. London School of Economics, Cambridge University and Oxford University

Ranking in fourth place across the board (and last year too!), the London School of Economics has an employment rate of 92 per cent. Also with 92 per cent are both Oxbridge universities.

Cambridge ranked overall in third place after coming second last year. However, Oxford may be slightly disappointed that they slipped from first to second place in the overall rankings. That being said, first place went to St Andrews who didn’t make it into the top 5 for employment rates.

London, UK – A large sign on the exterior of the Sardinia House building, part of the London School of Economics university campus. Downloaded from gettyimages creative.

Students at the London School of Economics had mixed responses regarding how satisfied they were. But this information isn’t available for either Oxford or Cambridge. A little perplexing, but we can only assume that students are satisfied with two of the most esteemed universities in the world.

1. Imperial College

Skipping straight from fourth to first now, and Imperial College takes the top spot. The university ranked fifth overall this year, which was an improvement on seventh for 2022.

The Guardian found that Imperial College that a huge 95 per cent of students were in graduate level jobs 15 months after finishing their courses.

The university boasts excellence in engineering, business, medicine and science. With only being a 3-minute walk from the National Science Museum, perhaps that is how students of the latter are so easily employed.

It isn’t surprising that this list is formed with some of the top universities in the UK. It does add to the presumption that the better the university, the better your chances of employment. If that is something that concerns you, then maybe one of the above is the university for you.

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