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Who Is Jasper The Doll on TikTok And Some Of Her Best Videos

Zoe Kramer March 24, 2023

Depending on your FYP, you may have seen a melted doll with the raspiest voice imaginable come up on your feed. This strange chaotic entity is known as Jasper the Doll, and she has become something of a viral sensation on the app. If you haven’t seen Jasper, however, you might be thoroughly confused. And it’s hard to blame you. Unless you see for yourself, well, Jasper can be a little difficult to explain. You might have seen Jasper’s name come up in the comments of another video, or you might not have heard of her whatsoever. So here is your guide to who is Jasper the Doll on TikTok and some of the best videos she’s starred in.

Photo by Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash

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Who Is Jasper The Doll?

Jasper is a small plastic doll with red hair that sticks straight up, a mess of glitter and eyeliner on her face, and tattoos all over her body. Probably the most memorable feature of Jasper, however, is her signature rough, chainsmoker voice. In something akin to ventriloquy, Jasper’s chaotic antics must be contained by her ‘mother,’ who has to stop her from stealing snacks from the kitchen and other misadventures. It truly feels like this person has accidentally ended up with a haunted or possessed doll as a roommate, something like Barbie meets Chucky, and it’s hilarious to watch unfold. Jasper posts all kinds of videos, from household shenanigans, to offering advice to commenters, to covering Lana Del Rey.

When you think of popular content on TikTok, you might think of someone with a perfect skin routine and flawless makeup drinking a green smoothie and sharing their 12 step daily routine. There is a certain curated influencer persona that has become the norm. And while this can be motivating and aspirational, it can also feel impossible to achieve.

That’s why concepts like ‘goblin mode’ and ‘feral girl summer’ have become widespread in the past. In the face of these incredibly high beauty standards, sometimes it can be refreshing to embrace your chaos, messiness and less-than-glamorous moments. Jasper reflects a similar energy.

Best Jasper The Doll Videos

There’s only so much you can do to explain Jasper, however. Here are some of the best Jasper the Doll videos to introduce you to this frightening yet strangely lovable little creature.


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