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TikTok's 'Don't Cut Your Hair' Starts Hair Transformation Trend

Jasmyne Jeffery March 23, 2023

We’ve all seen videos of people DIY-ing their haircuts or dying their hair and it having it go pretty wrong. Now, a TikToker has created the ‘Don’t Cut Your Hair’ TikTok song to sum up the whole fiasco and people are reacting but showing off their hair transformations.

Making a poor decision about your hair and regretting it instantly is a right of passage. However, that’s not stopped one TikTok star from trying to persuade us to just leave it alone. Reacting to the hilarious TikTok song, people are sharing images of when they’ve dyed their hair the exact colours the song mentions.

Where Does The Don’t Cut Your Hair Sound Come From?

The song comes from TikTok and YouTube musician Baby Fisher who uploaded it a week ago.

Don’t Cut Your Hair is a song that’s pleading with someone not to cut their hair, whilst offering pretty negative opinions on different hairstyles that the person has had.

The video currently has almost 500k views with almost 2000 videos attached to the sound.

Growing in popularity each day, it won’t be long until the Don’t Cut your Hair TikTok trend is all over our For You pages.

Great Examples Of The Don’t Cut Your Hair TikTok Trend

So you get more of an idea of what the trend is, we’ve collated the best examples for you to see. Whether you want to laugh at everyone’s bad hair days or get inspired to create your own, then we’ve got you covered.

Experimenting with your hair is what happens when you’re a teenager. Honestly, we don’t think this looks too bad!

Clearly, we’re all just dying our hair the same colours.

This one is such a glow up we think it proves the Don’t Cut Your Hair TikTok song wrong.


The first pic makes me fcking CACKLE #fyp #gay

♬ Don’t Cut Your Hair – Baby Fisher

Okay, if you were here to laugh at bad hair days then we’re sorry but now we want to dye our hair even more.


the way not a single pic I used is recent 😭

♬ Don’t Cut Your Hair – Baby Fisher

If you haven’t bleached your hair, or dyed it dark or pink then you’re missing out.

Though The Don’t Cut Your Hair TikTok song has tried to dissuade us from cutting or dying our hair, the trend is just proof that often it works out! As long as you do *some* research beforehand and go through a professional, it should be fine! Plus, it’s nothing some time and a box dye won’t fix if it goes a tad wrong anyway!

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