Who Owns Hive Social? Fans Swarm Over As App Rivals Twitter
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Who Owns Hive Social? Fans Swarm Over As App Rivals Twitter

Jasmyne Jeffery November 23, 2022

Twitter users have been fleeing the app since Elon Musk took over and a lot of issues started. There’s been a battle of which alternative users would take to the most. We take a look at who owns Hive Social, one of the front-runners to win over Twitter fans.

Everybody knows who Elon Musk is, particularly since his Twitter takeover. However, apart from Mark Zuckerberg and the infamous creator of Truth Social (Mr Donald Trump, everybody), many of the other big social media app creators are a little unknown to us.

With so much known about Elon, we thought it was time to get to know the owner of one of his biggest rivals — Hive Social.

Who Owns Hive Social?

Their LinkedIn only lists two employees, one of which is their founder. However, these profiles aren’t public so cannot be viewed unless you’re on their network. So, we have to dig a little deeper…

On the Hive Social website, there is a brief history of the app and how it got set up. In 2019, Raluca was bored of algorithms restricting and dictating what they saw on social media and therefore began Hive Social in her bedroom.

Kassandra Raluca Pop was confirmed to be the name behind the app in an interview with Arif and Ricky on YouTube. The 23-year-old recently graduated from college in May 2020 and began coding then having never done it before. Balancing school, a full-time job and her hobbies, she began the adventure that would change her life.

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Hive Social Owner Speaks About The App

Kassandra hopes that her venture into social media creation will inspire other girls to do the same. After all, all of the top apps are incredibly male orientated.

“I’m aware that all the creators of these big apps are men, so for me to step into this field is such a breakthrough. I hope that it gives other women and girls hope that they can break into the computer science field and STEM field.”

“It’s definitely a learning experience but it’s been really fun so far. I’m not too concerned about everyone watching me.”

On why she created the app, Kassandra said that she wanted to take social media back to the beginning, without all the algorithms.

“I was very frustrated with social media. Updates that were happening were not in favour of the users. Others were hiding people’s posts, others had accounts being shadowbanned. I really wanted to create a space where it was fun to post on social media and it was lighthearted and bring it back to the older days. [Users] don’t have to strategies and worry about ‘what time of the day do I need to post?’

What is Hive Social?

The app is very similar to Twitter, with the best bits of Instagram and My Space (if you remember that!) thrown in. Users can follow their friends, post text and pictures, share others’ thoughts and even see what is trending. It also has a feature where you can assign a song to your profile for others to listen to when scrolling through your page.

Although it’s yet to be available on desktop, the mobile version saw over 250,000+ new users yesterday (November 22) alone.

It’s clear that Hive Social is going to be the new big thing. It’s really quite impressive what Kassandra has achieved. Whether it will take over as the new Twitter is yet to be known. But for something that only started 3 years ago by a novice, we take our hat off to Kassandra.

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