Who Played Princess Diana Best?
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Who Played Princess Diana Best?

Cicely McFarlane November 23, 2022

The people’s Princess has been depicted through different series and films for many years. But who played Princess Diana best?

Which actress encompass the whole spirit of Lady Diana and everything that she had to offer.

Diana’s story has been adapted for movies and series due to its tragic end and the different narratives at play.

This is so people can further speculate and try to see the actual truth behind her marriage with Prince Charles. Films and series suggest disloyalties between the couple being the main factor that led to divorce.

Of course, the tragic accident that led to her death and led to her two sons, William and Harry, being left without a mother in the public eye aged just 15 and 12, is a story that people want to hear.

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Who has played Princess Diana on screen?

We can’t talk about people who have played Diana without mentioning The Crown. The much-loved Netflix original series goes through the different stages of royal life and has different actors for all of the main characters in new seasons.

So far, Princess Diana has been played by two different actresses, to represent the different ages she was at certain times.

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Emma Corrin in Season 4 of The Crown

In season 4, young Princess Diana was portrayed by Emma Corrin. The 26-year-old English actress managed to bring the sense of innocence that Diana had as she entered royal life.

She was also able to portray the strong-willed nature and determination the Princess had in having her voice heard.

This was seen through Corrin’s magnificent take on young Lady Diana as her wedding to Prince Charles approached.

Elizabeth Debicki in Season 5 of The Crown

As this season sees Diana go into motherhood and adult life, the new Australian actress taking on the role is Elizabeth Debicki.

Much like Corrin, Debicki has managed to encompass the Princess of Wales’s mannerisms to a T.

Her portrayal of such a force of nature, who refuses to bow down to the norms of how women have previously been treated in unfair and unjust marriages, is heavily showed throughout this season.

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Kristin Stewart in Spencer

Kristin Stewart initially went stratospheric with the Twilight films but she also had her time in the limelight portraying Princess Diana.

Stewart starred in the 2021 film Spencer, named after the maiden name of Princess Diana.

Although slightly less of a physical match then Corrin and Debicki, Stewart’s interpretation is nonetheless extremely valid.

What should be pinpointed here is her physical interpretation, and use of her body (specifically shoulder shrugging) to encapsulate the struggles Princess Diana was going through.

This is what made the film feel all the more realistic and was a fine tribute to the late Princess of Wales.

Overall, I would have to say that Emma Corrin was the actress who made her role feel the most realistic. Quite simply, she nailed it.

Make sure to watch these films and series depictions of the late Princess Diana to see if you agree with this analysis, as her story is so interesting and must not be forgotten.

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