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Why Does Snapchat Have A Red Dot?

Zoe Kramer May 23, 2023

From the introduction of MyAI to time sensitive notifications, Snapchat has introduced a number of new features lately. Like with all changes, some have drawn excitement from users, while others have received pushback. One of the latest features to come to Snapchat is a red dot on notifications. However, this change has left many Snapchat users confused as to why it’s there and what it means. So if you have noticed this yourself, here is the answer to why does Snapchat have a red dot.

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Before the red dot was introduced, the notification icon used to be blue when a message was unopened. The updated look has replaced this colour with a black outline and a red dot. The red dot indicates a chat has not yet been read. Once you have opened the chat, the red dot disappears.

For many, the new colour scheme has been a source of confusion. Some have even wondered whether the dot appeared due to a bug in the app. However, it appears that the updated display is an intentional change on Snapchat’s part. Like many changes on the app, it has not been rolled out officially to every user, but only to some in order to test the changes. So if your notifications have the red dot and your friends’ don’t, that’s why.

Some Snapchat users have taken to social media to voice their dislike of the theme. But why has such a seemingly small change drawn such a big reaction? Well, for those who use the app regularly, the new look represents quite a departure from the app that they’re used to. Change of this kind often brings about public outcry simply because it’s a different experience. However, it may be more than just that. Red is a colour often associated with warnings and urgency. So, seeing this colour associated with Snapchat messages might be a bit more stressful than seeing the blue.

If you’re not liking the red, unfortunately there isn’t an official way of switching it back. However, you might be able to avoid the issue by sticking with a non-updated version of the app. Otherwise, you can roll with the punches and embrace the new colour scheme. After all, it will probably get less noticeable over time, and you’ll adjust to the new look.

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