If you are someone who loves reading and talking about everything you’ve read, a book club is definitely for you. Sometimes, in TV and film, book clubs are portrayed as quite boring, but don’t let that deter you! They can be a great way to make friends and broaden your reading interests. Here are a few more reasons why joining a book club can be a great thing.


If you struggle to find the commitment to keep reading, a club is perfect for you. If you’re going to one, you have to read the book otherwise you’ll have nothing to say. Joining a club is a great way to keep your enthusiasm for reading up because, often, you’re only tasked with reading one or two chapters before the next meeting. There is no pressure to devour the entire thing in one week. 

The book club picks the book

Perhaps you only tend to read one genre? A book club will force you to try something new. Reading on your own means it’s very easy to slip into habits, such as sticking to one type of genre or author. Maybe you only read literature from the 2010s and onward and want to get out of that. Then join a book club!

Normally, either the leader of the club or the members themselves decide what to read next. This usually means you’ll end up with something completely unexpected.

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Book clubs can be really social

They are a great way to make friends. You’re around similar people all here for one reason – to read. You may find someone with the same literary tastes as you or someone you love to debate with. You could even make some lifelong friends.

If you’re in a particular rough patch, going to a club will get you out the house and keep your brain active. Book clubs are a comfortable place to escape from the real world and lose yourself in reading.

There are so many benefits to joining a book club. If you’re just starting university, they’ll probably have a club or society there. Whatever age you are, and wherever you are in your life, if you love reading and want to chat about it, join a book club!