10 Hilarious Christmas Day Memes Every Family Can Relate To
Happy Young Couple Lauging
A happy young Japanese couple are sharing a good time with laughter on Christmas.

10 Hilarious Christmas Day Memes Every Family Can Relate To

Jasmyne Jeffery December 24, 2022

The festivities have officially begun now Christmas Eve is here! Although we’re all very excited about the big day, we all know that it’s going to be an early start tomorrow. If you find you have some spare time in the morning, or you need a quick pick-me-up to lift your tired spirits, then these Christmas Day memes will be perfect for you.

If you’re guaranteed a bit of a lie-in tomorrow, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Most of us will be up at the crack of dawn either from our own excitement or somebody else’s. You might be flagging during the day or just need a bit more of a laugh in your already-jolly-mood. Whatever your reason, here are some relatable Christmas Day memes to give you a giggle.

Christmas Day Memes To See You Through The Day

Grab yourself a cuppa, a mince pie or even some tipple and laugh at how unoriginal all our Christmas Day experiences really are.

This one is an absolute classic, but it’s also very true.

Nobody wants to wake up on Christmas Day morning and realise that not everything is quite finished…

We’re all hoping for a certain gift on Christmas morning, yet it never comes.

If Christmas isn’t an excuse to dress up, then when else can you? Even if it’s just for your nan, you know she’ll appreciate it.

But calories on Christmas don’t count…do they?

The best Christmas present would be having the heating on all day and Santa paying the price.

Sometimes people are just quite as festive as you and they need to catch up pronto.

Waking up excruciatingly early also required a Christmas Day nap partway through the morning.

If you have any children, good luck with any last-minute additions or changes coming your way.

Make sure you have the right attire for Christmas Day for the optimum festive food consumption.

So, there we are! Lots of funny and relatable Christmas Day memes to see you through a tired Christmas morning or those post-lunch blues. Have a giggle with your family or during some much-needed time alone and realise that really, we’re all having the same experience on Christmas Day.

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