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17 Hilarious April Fools Day 2023 Memes To Get You Laughing

Jasmyne Jeffery April 1, 2023

Believe nothing! The most untrustworthy day of the year is here when you should take everything you’re told with a pinch of salt. Whether you’re the prankster or the victim, no one is safe from a joke today. As plenty of companies have already shared the joke for 2023, we’ve got some April Fool’s Day memes for your social media to really convey today’s meaning.

Everyone is feeling the same today, which means there are loads of relatable memes to be shared! If you don’t want to plan a prank, then you can share any of the following to still get involved and get some laughs. Hilarious and relatable, everyone will know what you mean with the following memes.

Relatable April Fools Day Memes For 2023

Get ready to be pulling this face all day. Sometimes, the worst pranks are the ones that really could be true.

Hmm. Maybe we should always be a least a little sceptical all year around.

It stopped being funny a long time ago…

We’re all a lot safer from April Fool’s Day antics by staying inside and sharing memes anyway.

Siblings are never subtle about their April Fool’s Day plans.

Are you up for a laugh or rolling your eyes already? The day has only just started so buckle up if you’re the latter.

You can’t have the day without sharing this classic April Fool’s Day Mr T meme.

This smooth line can only work today, and even then the chances of it working are slim.

For those planning on pranking today, it can be the most wonderful time of the year.

Relationships will truly be put to the test today.

Ever since AI and ChatGPT really came into their own last year, April Fools Day 2023 may be the worst yet.

We all know April Fool’s Day has never been the same since we were kids, just like everything else.

This would only be funny today…if you get it some other day then we’re truly sorry.

When we say trust no one, we mean no one!

Maybe the most relatable April Fool’s Day joke of all.

Those who aren’t a fan of the endless pranks, be prepared.

Why make today all about the jokes when every day is a joke?

Now you have loads of April Fool’s Day posts to get involved with the hilarious day!

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