21 Hilarious Pancake Day Memes And Jokes For Shrove Tuesday
pile of pancakes on a plate drizzled in syrup with strawberries and blueberries to the side
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21 Hilariously Relatable Pancake Day Memes And Jokes For Shrove Tuesday

Jasmyne Jeffery February 21, 2023

Whether you have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or all the above, there’s no chance of getting away without a pancake today. Maybe you’re eagerly awaiting hometime or for the pan to warm up. Or, you’re stuffed and can’t move off the sofa; there’s no better excuse to indulge in Pancake Day memes and jokes. Relatable and hilarious, a momentous day can’t go by without having a giggle too.

Our stomachs are growling already and there’s still a long time to go til teatime. We’ve learnt all about its history, given some alternative recipes, and now the only thing left to do is eat them! That, and have a bit of a laugh whilst we wait. We’ve collected the funniest memes to keep you satiated until the all-important “they’re ready!” is called.

Bon appetite!

11 Relatable Pancake Day Memes

Tuck into our delicious memes to really not Shrove Tuesday in the traditional sense…we think.

Speaking of traditions! Be sure to leave out some Nutella, lemon, and sugar to help him on his merry way.

It’s the age-old argument or ‘what’s stopping us from eating them all the time?’ Tradition! That’s what! If you haven’t eaten so many that you’re put off for an entire year then you’re doing Pancake Day wrong.

If you’re thinking this schedule is awfully familiar then you’re wrong and it’s solely reserved for Chris…we mean Shrove Tuesday.

Although we like to think we can eat dozens of pancakes, in reality, we can’t. Making the choice of topping is a difficult but crucial decision. This Pancake Day meme is a little too relatable…

It’s the day when all diets and healthy eating plans go out the window. Breakfast, lunch and dinner = pancakes.

The only thing we love more than pancakes are really bad jokes.

The only thing worse than waiting for your pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is seeing everyone upload pictures of there’s.

Anyone who has lemon and sugar can argue for days about how it’s the superior topping. Get that maple syrup off the table now.

Pancake Day is not the day to start your new fitness regime…

This has been a tradition for a few years now and honestly, it’s the epitome of British humour.

You could say this one is completely crepe…

10 Hilarious Shrove Tuesday Jokes

Prepare to sigh at these absolutely awful jokes that we just couldn’t resist sharing.

  • Why did the Jedi burn their pancakes? Because they won’t turn it over to the dark side…
  • How do you make a pancake do what you want? You butter him up.
  • Why didn’t the pancake win the singing competition? He was too flat!
  • A hungry man asked the waiter if the pancake he ordered would be long. “No sir,” he replied, ” it will be round.”
  • Why are dolphins great at making pancakes? They’re great flippers!
  • You’d batter believe it’s Pancake Day today!
  • Why was the pancake arrested? For unwaffle activities.
  • Why was the pancake never quiet? He couldn’t stop waffling on!
  • What’s the best thing to put on top of pancakes? More pancakes!
  • Why was the boy scared of pancakes? It gave him the crepes…

We really hope you enjoyed these Pancake Day memes and jokes and it’s given you a real appetite for the real thing! Hopefully, it’s not long until you can finally have some and argue about which topping is superior!

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