Netflix Stopping Password Sharing Sparks Funny Memes And Reactions
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Netflix Stopping Password Sharing Sparks Funny Memes And Hilarious Reactions

Jasmyne Jeffery February 2, 2023

We’ve all heard by now about the streaming giant’s plans for users to keep their accounts to themselves, but now they’ve shared just how they plan to do it. Those who used the platform were already dubious about the decision, but are even more so now after hearing how they’re going to do it. The internet has reacted in the only way it knows how and given us some funny memes about Netflix stopping password sharing.

The choice to stop users from sharing their password with users outside the home has puzzled Netflix users since it was first suggested. Now, it’s actually being implemented and we’re all a little dubious about their plans to actually do it. Having to sign in to the ‘home network’ every month is definitely a plan with faults and we’re not sure how long it will last.

Thankfully, to get us through this troublesome time, the internet has come through and given us some funny memes about the whole situation.

Netflix Stopping Password Sharing Gives Us Some Funny Memes

The news hasn’t gone down particularly well, which means that the reactions are just even funnier.

The fact that they tweeted this only a few years ago and have made a complete u-turn has disappointed users everywhere. Netflix has truly turned to the dark side.

Sure, that advert about ‘you wouldn’t steal a car’ is imprinted in all our memories but the internet is a big ol’ place. That’s not to say we encourage piracy at all, but we don’t support Netflix’s new plan either.

Ah, the times when they were revolutionary and didn’t cancel all our favourite shows seem so long ago. Now Netflix stopping password sharing shows they’ve really changed.

Don’t come crying back to us when everyone has unsubscribed because you stopped password sharing and moved to Disney+ instead.

The question is whether you stay and provide for your single household users, or abandon ship.

Users Are Cancelling Their Subscription To Netflix Amid Password Struggle

Those who have used Netflix are not only criticising the platform for its new rules but are going ahead and cancelling their subscriptions because of it. After all, unless something has you hooked on Netflix every month, then even if you are using your home Wi-Fi, your account will be blocked because of inactivity in 31 days.

Make it make sense.

By kicking people out, Netflix might actually realise that they’re not enticing users but isolating them more.

When it started, it was unique. Now, there are plenty of other streaming services that offer more for their users and for less.

Even if you do live in the same house as the bill-payer, it’s not making their service very accessible.

More and more, users are just asking for a better catalogue of shows on the platform and for Netflix to stop cancelling shows after one season. Stopping password sharing is a bold move, particularly when users already pay for multi-screen privileges.

Whilst this might backfire for Netflix, at least we’ve had some funny memes because of it.

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