Five Great Things To Start In 2023
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Five Great Things To Start In 2023

Victoria Causley January 4, 2023

It’s that time of year when you might want to start something different and take on a new adventure or a challenge. And there are plenty of activities that will help support your wellbeing. Here are a few examples of things to start in 2023.

Start doing regular yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are really good for your body mentally and physically. Set yourself some time every week to mediate or sign up to your local yoga class. You can try using the app DownDog or YouTube Yoga classes if you would rather do it from home. Doing this every week will allow your mind to refresh, relax and focus!

Buy a recipe book of foods you love

Cooking isn’t for everyone, but we all need food! And sometimes you just aren’t cooking the right thing to enjoy it. Go and buy your very own cookbook and give it a go. If you’re a uni student then find one specifically for students so that the foods are all based on a budget. Make yourself a home made meal a couple times a month and you might find that you’ve found yourself a new hobby.

Start journaling

It’s so easy for everyone to say that you should journal, and the idea seems really easy, right? But if you’ve tried to frequently then you’ll know that it can actually be quite hard. Sticking to journaling and writing down everything you’re up to isn’t easy for everyone. But letting go of everything you’re overthinking can help you relax and move on from issues in your life quicker and easier. This is a great thing to take into the New Year.

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Start doing something you love routinely

If you love painting, dancing, swimming, singing or anything at all, then start doing it more! Go to a new class or watch videos online. There are so many new opportunities waiting for you to give a go. Give yourself time in your weekly schedule to have some fun doing something you love.

Travel somewhere new

Whether it’s somewhere half an hour from your home or on the other side of the world, travel. See somewhere new and take yourself out for the day. The world is so big, and this is your time to see it!

These are just a few of the things to start in 2023. So welcome in the new year with celebrations and smiles. Try something new and give these ideas a go!

And have a very Happy New Year!

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