75 Hard Challenge: Should You Do It?
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75 Hard Challenge: Should You Do It?

Zoe Kramer February 10, 2023

Fitness communities on TikTok and across the Internet have been abuzz about the 75 Hard Challenge for quite some time now. Some have posted in praise of the challenge, while others have raised concerns about it. But what exactly is this challenge and why has it become so popular? Here is a rundown of everything you should know before deciding whether to participate.

What Is The 75 Hard Challenge?

The 75 Hard Challenge is a commitment to 75 days of a specific routine. This routine involves following a diet, completing two 45 minute workouts, one of which must be outdoors, taking a progress picture, drinking a gallon of water, and reading 10 pages of a book. The challenge requires no exceptions, and if you don’t meet one of the requirements, you are supposed to start over from day 1. It was developed by entrepeneur Andy Frisella back in 2019 to a mixed reception, who describes it as a “mental toughness program.”

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Benefits Of The Challenge

There are some aspects of the challenge that, on their own, are beneficial. It’s no secret that getting a good amount of exercise each day and staying hydrated are good for both physical and mental health. Reading on a daily basis can also be a great habit to build, and is a good way to exercise your brain and gain new perspectives. It can also be healthy to evaluate your diet to ensure that you’re getting the nutrients that you need.

Downsides Of The Challenge

However, the challenge as a whole has several aspects that could potentially cause problems for participants. Rigid adherence to certain diets can be harmful, and it’s much more advisable to pursue a varied and balanced diet, with room for treats and social eating. It’s also not a good idea to exercise without building in time for rest days.

In addition, the idea of “mental toughness” can discourage healthy emotional processing. By framing the routine as a battle against yourself, it removes a capacity for self-compassion. The all-or-nothing mentality of this routine can put someone in the perspective that they are a self-improvement project and nothing else. It’s good to build habits for a healthier lifestyle, but it’s also important to cut yourself some slack. In fact, that slack is much more likely to lead to sustainable growth than a pursuit of perfection.

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