As you start to put up some of your Halloween decorations, making this more of a fun event rather than a house chore can be a great way to bond and make some memories. But the key to finding the best Halloween films for pumpkin carving is ensuring your attention isn’t totally focused on the screen.

Watch a truly scary movie and you will either be glued to the screen or hiding behind a cushion. What you need are fun Halloween movies on this occasion. That way you can focus on carving some great designs.

This could be the start of your spooky season. So deciding to have a movie marathon while carving pumpkins can be a great set up for a cute house evening all together.

When I was at Uni, me and my house did this yearly and it was something we all ended up really looking forward to, as we began to get more and more competitive for whose pumpkin was better.

You could even make it a competition, with the winner getting to choose the final film of the night, with your pumpkins finished and lit shining at the front.

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Some films that I would absolutely recommend for a pumpkin carving evening are listed below.

Photo by Robert Linder on The Nightmare Before Christmas

Although some people claim this is more of a Christmas film than a Halloween one, the overall aesthetic of the movie is 100% Halloween through and through.

Tim Burton’s characters and stories create the perfect spooky genre to enjoy as you start your pumpkins.

The faces of the cartoons can even be replicated onto your pumpkin if you are feeling adventurous with your carvings.

Still running with the Tim Burton theme, would be the choice of The Corpse Bride. This story is dark and mysterious but also a quirky comedy to enjoy in the background as your pumpkins really start to take shape.

Practical Magic

This 90s film starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman is an old but gold movie that should not be overlooked during this Halloween season.

The story is about two sisters who have a curse on them and their love life. Their aunties are iconic characters and witches that could rival the infamous Sanderson sisters.

This film has the perfect blend of magic and spooky jump scares. This makes it an enjoyable yet creepy watch for this particular season.

Hocus Pocus

The Sanderson sisters and Salem make this film a lighthearted yet amazingly spooky Halloween setting.

The sequel to this film came out this month, 29 years after the original was shot. The original is 100% better, yet the second still had some great parts to it. The first Hocus Pocus is the epitome of an all-time classic Halloween film, and perfect for your carving evening.

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