Best Party Games That Aren't Two Truths And A Lie
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Best Party Games That Aren't Two Truths And A Lie

Zoe Kramer December 25, 2022

Let’s face it: truth or dare, two truths and a lie, beer pong – they’re fun at first, but decidedly less so the fifteenth time you’ve played them. If you’re thinking of throwing a house party, here are some lesser-known games to help break the ice and make your party a smash hit. Read on for the best party games that aren’t two truths and a lie.

Spotify Roulette

This game is perfect for small-to-medium groups who are already familiar with one another to some degree. One person creates a public Spotify playlist, and prior to the party everyone adds 5 or 10 songs of their choosing to the playlist, depending on the size of the group. Then, that playlist becomes the soundtrack for the evening.

Each time a new song starts, everyone discusses who they think added the song and points to the person they suspect. If the group reaches a consensus and the accused did add the song, the accused drinks. However, if the accused did not add the song, everyone else drinks. Whoever added the song must reveal the truth before the tune is over. It’s a great way to spark conversations and can also be played without the drinking aspect.

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The Phone Game

This party game is a lot of fun if you’re down for some risky business. Everyone sits in a circle and places their unlocked phone in the middle of the circle. The phones are shuffled out so that everyone has someone else’s phone. Each person then gets to type out a message of their choosing to someone in the phone’s contacts or on social media.

The phones are then given back to their original owner. Once you have your own phone back, you can choose whether to send the message or drink. The only rule is that, if you send the message, you have to wait for a response before you can clarify that the message was a joke.

Horse Racing

This game is simple but a crowd pleaser. It can be played with any number of people and all you need is a deck of cards. The ace of each suit of the deck becomes a ‘horse’ and is given its own name. Each partygoer then gets the chance to bet a number of drinks on the horse of their choice. The deck is shuffled and each card that is drawn moves one of the horses forward based on which suit it is. The first horse that moves ten spaces wins.

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