Cambridge University Students Vote For All Vegan Menus
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Cambridge University Students Vote For All Vegan Menus

Jasmyne Jeffery February 22, 2023

Students at The University of Cambridge have voted for a solely vegan menu across its campuses. The decision still needs to be approved by the university. However, the change would result in removing all animal products from the menus. The university had already made steps to becoming more plant-based.

Cambridge student union voted on Monday (February 20) in favour of talking with the university to remove animal products from the catering service. The transition aligns with the university’s plan to reduce animal products used on campus. However, the move would not apply to all 31 colleges belonging to Cambridge University.

Cambridge University Vegan Menus Votes For By Students

The change was motioned for as a response to climate and biodiversity crises and was approved by the majority of students that voted. Coming from Cambridge’s Plant-Based Campaign, supported by Animal Rebellion, is a step in the right direction to “reduce its environmental impact.”

Will, who belongs to the Cambridge branch campaign, was incredibly pleased with the result:

“It’s great that Cambridge students’ union has passed our motion to work with the university to implement a just and sustainable plant-based catering system.”

Already, the university had removed beef and lamb from its catering services in 2016. This was an important step to becoming all vegan something the new motion proposes.

“We look forward to working with them on the next necessary steps.”

As a world-class university, Cambridge taking these steps will hopefully inspire national and global institutions.

Plant-Based Campaign Wants All Universities To Commit

The nationwide campaign is appealing to universities across the UK. Already, they have branches at over 40 institutions in an effort to transform their menus to become more plant-based.

By 2023-24, the campaign wants the transition to 100 per cent vegan catering on campuses. Largely, the aim is to stop the contribution to environmentally-destructive food and drink options.

In under 4 months, students across 20 universities have asked universities and unions to consider the change.

A spokesperson from Cambridge University told The Guardian that they “welcome suggestions from students and staff,” on how to become more plant-based.

Though most were happy with the results, while others had concerns about the proposal. Commenting on Instagram, worried people spoke about accessibility and those who have dietary requirements connected to animal products. For now, these questions remain unanswered and plans to negotiate with Cambridge University are going ahead.

Stay up to date with the campaign and get your university accountable through their Link tree.

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