What Is GPT-4 And How To Try It
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What Is GPT-4 And How To Try It

Zoe Kramer March 15, 2023

Research lab OpenAI has released the latest installment in its GPT series of artificial intelligence. Previous models have been the subjects of widespread public interest due to their applications in a variety of different fields, and their groundbreaking capabilities. The search engine Bing has even adopted them as a way of expanding its query-answering capabilities. The fourth model has new and expanded capabilities from its predecessors. But what is GPT-4, and what makes it different?

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What Is GPT-4?

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As the name suggests, GPT-4 is the fourth model OpenAI has released to the public. The first model was released in 2018, and the third model was running for the release of the chatbot ChatGPT. After 6 months of developing safety features, the latest installment has been made public. However, if you use the regular ChatGPT app, that will still be running the third model.

How Is GPT-4 Different?

GPT-4 has a number of new capabilities that previous models have not included. It can process a much higher volume of words, up to 25,000. It can also respond to images and not just text. Its reasoning skills are much more adept, and it can handle more nuanced questions. However, OpenAI warns that it is still prone to error. Like previous versions, it can sometimes “hallucinate” information, exhibit biases, and replicate hate speech. Its sources of information are based on data from 2021, which means in some regards it will not be up to date.

How To Try GPT-4

GPT-4 is currently accessible only to subscribers of ChatGPT+, which costs $20 a month. Once you’ve signed up or upgraded your account, you can start a new chat. You will be given the choice to select one of the previous models or the latest one, with the stipulation that GPT-4 runs somewhat slower than its predecessors. Then you can prompt it and ask it any questions you would like.

You can also access GPT-4 through Bing. While the Bing chatbot is not available to everyone, if you’re in the testing group, you can give it a try. OpenAI has also announced that the technology will be used with sites such as Khan Academy, Morgan Stanley and Stripe soon, so you may be able to access this AI through those platforms in the near future.

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