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Easy Ways To Level Up Your Skincare

Zoe Kramer May 5, 2023

Getting into skincare can be a little intimidating. There are hundreds of products with different names, and it’s not always clear what they exactly do. However, finding a skincare routine that works for you can boost your self confidence and make your day better. After all, having happy, well-nourished skin is a great feeling. Luckily, improving your skincare doesn’t have to be super complicated. Here are some easy ways to level up your skincare.

Give Up Makeup Wipes

Makeup wipes are convenient to use, but unfortunately they’re not the best for your skin. They can cause your skin to become dehydrated and strip it of its oils, sometimes while leaving some of the makeup residue, which can clog your pores. Instead, using a cleanser or micellar water with a microfiber cloth can help wipe off the makeup more effectively.

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Try Double Cleansing

You can double up by using a cleansing oil first to remove any makeup and sunscreen, followed by a water based cleanser. This will help ensure your skin is squeaky clean, with no dirt, oil or product left to clog your pores.

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Stay Hydrated

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to drink more water. Staying hydrated helps preserve your natural moisture barrier, plus it’s good for you in general, helping your body regulate its temperature, improving cognition, and increasing your wellbeing.

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, you can keep hydrated by pairing your hot beverage with a glass of water.

Use A Roller

Could your skin use a wake up call in the morning? Using a derma roller on your face can help get the blood circulating and massage the muscles. This is what gives skin a healthy glow.

Add A Toner

Another way to level up your skincare is to get a toner. Toners are great for eliminating any remaining residue on your face, such as dirt and oil. If you have large or visible pores, it can help shrink them and slow down the process of aging.

Keep Products In The Fridge

Some skincare products benefit from being kept at lower temperatures. This can boost their shelf life and keep the active ingredients working their best. Whether a product will benefit from being kept in the fridge depends on its specific ingredients, but it’s often a great option for cleansers and moisturizers. Plus, the feeling of a cool moisturizer on your face after washing it can be lovely.

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