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How Many People Go To Glastonbury And Other Facts About The Festival

Jasmyne Jeffery June 20, 2023

It’s got a global reputation with people travelling from all around the world to be there. We answer how many people go to Glastonbury as well as other interesting facts about the festival, including the immense clean up.

If you were thinking of heading to Glastonbury this year, then we seriously recommend getting a little more organised for next year. The 2023 edition of the festival kicks off tomorrow and heads into the weekend with Arctic Monkeys, Guns N Roses and Elton John headlining on the famous Pyramid Stage.

Everybody has heard of Glastonbury and for many, it’s on the bucket list, but how much do you actually know about it? Going strong in year 53, we can answer all your burning questions about the festival.

How Many People Go To Glastonbury?

For 2023, Glastonbury’s size has increased yet again, meaning that 210,000 people will go to Glastonbury across all its stages and fields.

Last year, the festival could hold 203,000, meaning it’s increased by 7,000 since 2022.

However, this isn’t the biggest crowd there has been. Back in 1994, there were approximately 300,000 watching The Levellers, however, lots of these were gatecrashers due to the lack of steel fencing.

Nowadays, Glastonbury is much more secure with hundreds of security guards and fencing around the guards.

But even with 210,000 people, Glastonbury is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world.

How Many Stages Are At Glastonbury To Fit All The People?

Glastonbury is home to over 100 stages, hosting every genre of music imaginable.

If you were asking how many people go to Glastonbury and found the answer surprising, then the number of stages will probably have shocked you too.

Of course, The Pyramid Stage is the most famous, hosting the headliners each year.

However, other bigger stages are The Other Stage, the second largest on the site and Park Stage, which was opened in 2007.

In fact, three new stages are being introduced this year in the Silver Hayes area, formerly the Dance Village. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the home of all things dance and electronic has had a bit of revamp ready for 2023.

100 stages is a lot to cover, especially when they’re spread out over 900 acres. We definitely recommend picking your faves and packing a couple of pairs of sturdy shoes.

The Glastonbury Clean Up Lasts Longer Than the Festival

The actual festival now lasts for five days each year, ending on Monday, June 26 this year. However, with over 200k in attendance and a lot of land to cover, the clean up just is pretty extensive.

Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images

Lasting a few times more than Glastonbury, it takes approximately a month for the grounds to clean up the whole site.

In 2022, there were 2000 volunteers for the Glastonbury Festival Recycling Crew made up of 26 charities. To help aid the job, the festival no longer serves single-use plastic cups. They also only serve compostable or reusable plates and cutlery.

Single-serving sachets of sugar, salt and more are also not available anywhere on the site. In 2019, 149 tonnes of food waste was processed into compost. And that’s just one of the initiative the Glastonbury clean up team facilitate.

Other Interesting Glastonbury Festival Facts

The above are the most ask questions, especially how many people go to Glastonbury. However, we have some smaller but still interesting Glastonbury Festival facts to fully satiate your curiosity.

  • Over 3,000 artists will be performing over the five days.
  • It was originally called The Pilton Pop, Folk and Blues Festival in 1970 and only cost £1. Imagine the money you’d say nowadays!
  • The first headliner was T-Rex in 1970, with David Bowie in 1971 when it became Glastonbury Fayre.
  • Someone managed to sell mud from Glastonbury Festival for £74 in 2004.
  • 3 babies have been born during the festival, with one receiving a gift from The Rolling Stones.
  • In 1981, thieves invaded the festival and stole lots of people’s trousers, meaning many had to wander around without them.

You should definitely have more than enough knowledge about the iconic festival now!

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