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How To Comment A GIF On Instagram

Jasmyne Jeffery May 10, 2023

Long gone are the days of leaving boring text and emojis below your favourite posts. Now, you can react with a gif! You’ve probably seen them all over the app, but maybe not known how to do it yourself. Here’s how to comment a GIF on Instagram.

No matter how you think it should be said (we won’t get into that argument now…), we all enjoy a GIF. They’re funny, simple and quick and easy to understand. So, when Instagram introduced the feature of being able to reply with a GIF under posts, it went down pretty well.

Move over Instagram Notes, we’re all interested in what gifs have to offer.

The New Feature Explained

It isn’t actually all that new, but lots of people are only just discovering it.

After being around for a couple of months, posting gifs is pretty self-explanatory.

Just as you would be able to comment on a post, you can now add a gif as well! Before, the social media site only let gifs work in stories. This would be using stickers and you couldn’t reply with them.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Now, they’re all over Instagram. In fact, we bet any comment section you click on will contain at least one.

You can also use it in your DMs, sending an endless stream of GIFs to your friends instead of an actual conversation.

The influx of new features, including Quiet Mode, comes after the site discontinued the shop feature, where users could buy products straight through the app.

Clearly not missed, everyone is fixated on the GIF feature and how to use it.

How To Comment a GIF On Instagram

There’s no confusing way through settings or some secret code to unlock the feature; all you have to do is type a related word that you want to use in the comment box.

Tap the GIF icon in the box and that will take you to the GIPHY library. All the results connected to the word you typed up will appear, and all you have to do is find the one you’re after, or maybe even a better one and click it. It’ll then appear in your comment box, and you can reply to the post with a GIF!

Even though it’s been out a while, it still isn’t available everywhere. Many in the UK don’t have the feature as it’s mainly been rolled out in the US. If you’re eager to start posting GIFs, then make sure your app is up to date and keep an eye on if friends start using it. Unfortunately, until it’s more widely released, it’s just a matter of waiting until you can reply with a GIF on Instagram.

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