Instagram Notes Explained And How To Turn It Off
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Instagram Notes Explained And How To Mute Them

Jasmyne Jeffery December 14, 2022

Users of the social media app have been left a little confused after a new feature has been launched. However, not everybody understands it or wants it. We explain what Instagram Notes are and how to mute them.

Although the feature isn’t exactly new, many users are just discovering Instagram Notes after it’s been more widely distributed today. The new messaging feature is being compared to a digital post-it note and has a whole range of uses. But that’s not exactly what users think. If you’ve already had enough, we answer if you can turn Instagram Notes off.

What Are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes are little messages that appear above your DMs. They can only be sent to those who follow you back and have a character limit of 60, less than Twitter has ever had.

Like stories, the Notes disappear after 24 hours so have a much shorter lifespan than regular Instagram DMs. Since July, those who have been able to trial Notes have used the feature to make announcements to a small group of people, or even advertise their services.

However, you can also use it to share fleeting thoughts, or complain — even about Instagram Notes if you want to.

People can reply to your Notes and these can be seen in your DMs.

Clearly having an initial positive response, the social media giant said the following about the launch:

“During testing, we learned that people liked having a lightweight, easy way to share what’s on their mind and start conversations. From asking for recommendations to sharing what they’re up to, Notes give people a casual and spontaneous way to express themselves and connect with each other.”

Instagram Notes is being more widely distributed today. So, if you’re keen to try out the feature then just update your app and you should see it appear in no time.

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Can You Turn Off Instagram Notes?

Although some users are guaranteed to enjoy the feature, it won’t be for everyone. Unfortunately, for those who don’t want Instagram Notes, there isn’t a way to turn them off.

However, all hope is not lost as you can mute Notes from users as and when you receive them. Sure, it’s not as easy as just disabling the feature, but it will mean that you won’t receive Notes from that person again. As Notes can only be shared through people that follow each other back, it’s likely that you won’t be inundated with them anyway.

To mute Instagram Notes, simply hold down on the note until the options menu pops up. Then click ‘Mute notes’ and that person won’t be able to send you Notes again. Simple!

It’s not certain whether Meta will come up with a feature for users to turn off Notes entirely. The feature was only launched properly today (December 14) so there is still plenty of time yet.

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