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How To Create A Snapchat Poll And Some Great Question Ideas

Zoe Kramer February 14, 2023

Polls are one of the best parts of social media. It’s fun to compare opinions and see whether your tastes and preferences line up with the majority. While polls have become largely associated websites like Twitter, it turns out you can post them on Snapchat, too. A poll is a great way to bond with your friends on Snapchat and spark a lively discussion. So if you’re curious how this feature works, here is how to create a poll on Snapchat.

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How Do You Make A Poll On Snapchat?

Creating a poll on Snapchat can be done in a few simple steps. First, open the Snapchat app. Then, either snap a picture or choose an image from your camera roll to post. If you’re not sure what image to use, you can always just use a plain black tile. Then, you’ll be able to preview your story. Go to the stickers icon on the right, and then choose the “poll” option from the top menu. This will allow you to type in the text of the question you want to ask. Finally, tap “my story” on the bottom to post your poll. Like any other Snapchat story, it will be up for 24 hours.

You can also send a poll directly if you want it to be visible to only one person, a select group of people or your close friends. To do this, repeat the same steps as above, only instead of tapping story as the final step, tap “send to” and then choose the specific friend or friends you’d like to receive the poll.

What Are The Best Poll Topics?

Perhaps you see the appeal of creating a poll, but when it comes to choosing what to ask, you get stuck. Not to worry! There are plenty of approaches you can take, so here are some ideas for topics to create a poll about.

The first type of poll you can make are the kind that people have strong opinions on. You might ask whether it’s good form to take shoes off when you enter a home, whether pineapple on pizza is acceptable, whether they prefer Pepsi or Coke, or even whether there’s life on other planets. Any question you can think of that is divisive is sure to receive an emphatic response.

Another approach you can take is to make it personal. You might ask your friends their opinion on which outfit to wear, which activity to do today, or which way to cut your hair. This gives them an easy way to connect with you, even if they’re not there in person.

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