How To Delete A Now On TikTok
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How To Delete A Now On TikTok

Zoe Kramer December 16, 2022

Given the widespread popularity of BeReal, it’s no big surprise that TikTok decided to make their own version. TikTok Now is a feature on the regular TikTok app, but now it’s also being rolled out as an entirely different app with its own layout and functions. Users are all in the same boat of trying to figure out how to use the app and how it works. It can be intimidating to post when you’re unfamiliar with the format and unsure of how to delete your posts. So here are the basic functions of the app, and how you can delete a Now if you so choose.

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What is TikTok Now?

If you’ve used the popular French app BeReal before, TikTok Now works pretty much the same way — the main difference is that with TikTok Now you can capture short videos as well as photos. When you activate the feature, you’ll be sent a prompt to share what you’re up to once each day with a short time limit to complete the post.You can then post the photo or video and have a look at what your friends are up to. Users have been drawn to this new format of social media because it promotes a level of authenticity that most social media doesn’t encourage. Instead of editing photos to be flawless and showing everyone how perfect your life is, it can be refreshing to be online in a casual and unfiltered capacity.

How to delete a TikTok Now

Of course, with that authenticity comes the possibility of unflattering photos. If a photo or video is too embarrassing, or you have second thoughts for any other reason, you can delete your post before anyone has a chance to screenshot it.

To delete your TikTok Now post, go to the Now tab and locate your post. On the bottom right of your screen, you’ll see a heart, a speech bubble and an arrow. Tap the arrow, and then select the garbage can icon at the bottom of the menu to delete the post.

If you want to delete a post that isn’t on your Now page anymore, tap the Now Memories button at the top of the page. This will open a calendar feature where you can locate old posts. To delete a post, open it and then select the arrow, which will this time be located at the top right corner. Then, you can select the delete button from the menu.

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