How To See BeReal Recap 2022 And Possible Fixes If It's Not Working
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How To See BeReal Recap 2022 And Possible Fixes If It's Not Working

Jasmyne Jeffery December 16, 2022

It’s the time of year when we’re all getting our recaps, rewinds and wraps. And it looks like BeReal isn’t any different. However, some users report that the BeReal Recap isn’t working. We have how you can see the BeReal app and some potential fixes if yours isn’t working.

Like Spotify, Apple and loads of others, BeReal is joining the bandwagon of giving users a flashback of their year on the app. The social media app has taken off massively since its recent launch and maybe the huge influx of users checking their recap 2022 has sent the app a little crazy. If you’re a fan of the app then here’s how to see the BeReal recap and some fixes if it’s not working.

 How To Get The BeReal Recap

As long as everything is in working order, seeing your recap 2022 is pretty straightforward.

All you have to do is go to the app and head to your profile. Then, click on memories and all your pictures appear on the calendar. In the same section, there should be a button that says ‘Generate my 2022 video recap’ at the bottom of the screen next to the calendar icon. Then, you’ll then be redirected to see your BeReal recap 2022.

Once it’s loaded, your recap will generate! You can flick through all the photos you took on BeReal in 2022, remembering all the good (or embarrassing!) selfies. There aren’t any bells and whistles with the feature — so there are no fancy graphics, intriguing data or music. But, it’s still a nice little walk through memory lane for you.

BeReal Recap Not Working

Excited to try the BeReal recap 2022, users have nosedived into the app ready to see all their pictures from the year. However, some are reporting some issues and their BeReal recap is not working. Some say that the feature just isn’t coming out, or when they click ‘generate’ then they can’t even view the preview or are just given a buffering load screen.

Users took to Reddit to hunt for some potential fixes to their problems and found that their problem was actually a lot of people’s problems.

Fans of the app have then taken to Twitter to check that they aren’t the only ones suffering. It turns out that hundreds of users are having trouble accessing the feature.

If you’re one of them, then don’t worry — we have some potential fixes to get the feature working for you.

Potential Fixes If BeReal Recap Won’t Work

First things first, always try closing and reopening the app. It’s possible that it’s still showing you the version of BeReal from when you were last on it and it didn’t have the recap 2022 feature. If that hasn’t worked, check you have the latest version of the app. The recap will only work if you have updated the app recently, so head to your App store or Google Play store and double check you have the latest version.

If neither of those work, then delete the app and reinstall it. Make sure that you log back in and give the app time to generate your BeReal recap. Some users on Reddit said that this immediately fixed the problem.

Trivedi Tech also suggests you should also try clearing your cookies and caches just in case that’s preventing you from seeing the updated version.

Oh, and it may sound very simple, but ensure you have a good internet connection. The feature won’t work unless you’re connected and able to stream the recap. Reddit users pointed out that using mobile data to try and see the feature didn’t work, but connecting to WiFi immediately fixed the issue.

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