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How To Delete Collections On TikTok And Manage Your Favourites

Jasmyne Jeffery January 25, 2023

We all like keeping track of our favourite videos to look back on or share with friends. TikTok lets you do just that, but sometimes you just don’t find videos funny or useful anymore, so you want to get rid. Thankfully, we know how to delete collections on TikTok and how to manage your favourites going forward.

TikTok has this great feature where you can store videos that you love into different categories so you can manage them better. However, as time goes on you may want to delete entire collections. TikTok lets you do that, but it might not be obvious how to do it.

How To Delete Collections On TikTok

If you haven’t been able to work out how to clear out your TikTok collections, then it’s super simple.

Just head to your profile on TikTok and go to your favourites tab. Here, you’ll see all the videos you’ve liked as well as the collections you’ve created. Click ‘collections’ and then find the one you want to delete.

Select the three dots at the top of the TikTok collections and tap ‘Delete Collection.’ A pop-up will then appear asking if you’re sure, and if you are, then just select delete once more and the collection will be gone.

If you’re just looking to edit your collection, then you just select ‘edit playlist’ when you’ve tapped the three dots.

How To Manage TikTok Favourites

Maybe you haven’t made it that far yet and are just looking to manage your favourites on TikTok. Don’t fret — that’s really easy too.

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If you’ve never created a playlist before, then you’ll first need to go to the saved videos section of your TikTok profile. Select the bookmark icon next to ‘Edit Profile,’ and tap ‘Create Collection.’ After that, TikTok will prompt you to name your collection, before adding the desired videos to it.

You can create more than one collection of your TikTok favourites, particularly as you now know how to delete collections.

If that’s a step too many and you just want to know how to add a video to your favourites, you just need to select the arrow icon on the video you want to keep. A box will pop up and give you the option to add to your favourites. From there, you can even add it immediately to a collection, or create a new one with it. Simple!

Can Everyone See Your Collections of TikTok Favourites?

No, not everyone can see your TikTok collections.

Techzillo confirms that the feature is private so can only be viewed by you, or anybody who shares your account details. This is the same for your ungrouped favourite videos.

There also isn’t a way to make your collections or favourites public either, like you can do with your liked videos. No one else can see how many collections you have either — the feature is just for you.

So, if you were worried people would know about your absolute favourite TikTok guilty pleasure videos, you’re in safe hands. On the flip side, you’re not going to get famous off your hilarious collection names either.

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