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How To Do The Love Character Test As Personality Quiz Goes Viral On TikTok

Jasmyne Jeffery January 24, 2023

TikTok is full of different quizzes you can take that will tell you something different about yourself. Recently, a few have become popular, including the love character test. If you want to find out what kind of dating personality you have, then we can tell you how to do the latest viral love character quiz.

Everybody loves taking quizzes to find out more about themself. They’re oddly addictive and you’re always hoping they can give you an answer to brag about. One of the latest viral quizzes is the love character test on TikTok, which participants are saying is a little too accurate. It’s understandable if you want to find out your dating personality (seeing as everyone else is), so here’s how to do it.

What Is The Love Character Test?

The test is from the website Ktestone which is Korean. Most browsers should translate it for you, however, you can just click the AA button in the search bar to translate the page.

Straight off, you’ll be asked if your love character is male or female. After that, you’ll be asked 11 more questions to establish your dating personality. If you’re answering according to what you would do, then the results will be a description of what you’re like in a relationship. You’ll get a cute image with an overarching personality, with lots of traits around the side.

There are multiple options for which personality you can get, it’s just a matter of seeing how accurate it is!

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How To Do The Love Character Quiz

It’s a really simple test. Just head to Ktestone and you’ll be asked the following questions:

  • If you are male or female.
  • How do you do on a blind date.
  • Your reaction to a friend asking you on a couples’ date.
  • What you do at the beginning of a relationship.
  • Your reaction to finding a picture of the two of you whilst looking through childhood photos.
  • Your reaction to a nightmare.
  • What is your route to going out for dinner.
  • Your reaction to playing a song to your partner, but they don’t like it.
  • Your reaction to your partner arguing with a friend.
  • How you would feel if your partner missed your anniversary.
  • What you would do if your partner wanted to see a movie whilst you were working.
  • Your reaction to arguing with your partner.
  • What you do after coming back from a trip.

Once you’ve answered all the above questions, your dating personality will be generated. Different personalities include Bulldozer girlfriend, back and forth girlfriend, cute girlfriend like puppy and boyfriend full of love. The only way to find out which love character test personality you have is to take it!

Luckily, you can prepare by looking at the questions above before taking the love personality quiz. Just be prepared that the result you get might be a little too accurate…

People Share Their Love Personality Test Results On TikTok

The viral test has taken over TikTok, with loads of people sharing their answers to the quiz. Some were a little surprised, but even more thought that the love personality quiz was pretty spot on. Plus, this will give you some insight into some of the results you might get.


i did the teat and got this weirdly kinda accurate result lmao #lovecharactertest #lct #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

This TikToker said that their answer was “weirdly kinda accurate.”

Not too pleased with their love personality test results, it made this TikToker “kinda sad.” Brutally honest doesn’t quite cover it.

“It’s so scary how accurate it is,” one commented on this dating personality test reveal.

With everybody getting involved and taking the love character TikTok test, it’s only a matter of time before you do too. Don’t worry, you can take it multiple times if you get an answer you’re not very happy with.

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