The Best Of The Finn Wolfhard Snapping Fingers Meme On TikTok
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The Best Of The Finn Wolfhard Snapping Fingers Meme On TikTok

Jasmyne Jeffery January 21, 2023

Memes come and go but they never stop being funny. The latest one to go viral is none other than Stranger Thing’s Mike who’s transforming things for the better, or actually worse. The Finn Wolfhard snapping fingers TikTok meme is creating some hilarious videos and is taking the internet by storm.

Stranger Things has given us many memes over the years. Even when it’s not on, fans are creating ones that are still going viral. The latest one taking over TikTok features Mike, played by Finn Wolfhard, transforming things through the click of his fingers. TikTok fans (and us!) can’t get enough of the hilarious meme.

What Is The Stranger Things Mike Meme

The meme is simple enough, it’s a clip of Mike, with Know Your Meme crediting it to series 3 of Stranger Things.

It shows Finn Wolfhard in his Mike Wheeler gear, walking up to the camera and snapping one of his fingers, then being pleased with the result.

Fans of the show and meme lovers alike have been using the green screen feature to insert hilarious and relatable situations being the video of Finn, creating some fresh Stranger Things memes.

The hashtag #finnwolfhardsnapping already has 3.4 million views attached to it with fandoms everywhere getting involved and adapting it.

The Best Of The Finn Wolfhard Snapping Fingers Meme On TikTok

The only thing left to do is look at some great examples of the meme. Get inspired to make your own, or just enjoy everyone else’s hilarious contributions.

Shared bathrooms are the bane of our existence. Out of the 24 hours in a day, it’s always the exact minute that you want a shower that your siblings just pip you to it.

For something that our educational careers depended on, you would think they could print in a little better quality. More time was spent in exams deciphering what you were actually looking at than answering the questions.

Might as well just change nationality as if we’re going to have more success with it. Studying English was more about book analysis than learning the language anyway. It’s time to pack your bags for Paris!

Okay, but there’s nothing actually wrong with chicken and chips. If ain’t broke and all…

We’re not actually sure why we all made the transition to baggier jeans, but the thought of putting on a pair of skinny jeans now is horrifying.

There’s actually no point trying to stop it from happening, as soon as you step in there’s no way you’re leaving without an empty pocket.

The best part of being an adult is that there’s no one to tell you that “there’s stuff in the fridge at home!” The worst part is being the person that has to pay for it.

Stranger Things Snapping Fingers Meme

There are so many great versions of the Stranger Things snapping fingers meme that we’re just going to have to include some more.

She’ll try and say that they taste the same but it’s all a lie. Just once, buy the branded ones, please!

Sometimes you’ve just got to go back to your comfort movies instead of making a decision. That being said, if Fight Club is your comfort film then we’re a little concerned.

Okay, but the items that were taken off the McDonald’s menu were the best and it’s definitely time to bring them back.

It’s the same as skinny jeans. Remembering a time when we all had side partings is a little traumatic.

Pepsi discontinuing Sierra Mist for Star soda thinking they’d done something different was a weird flex.

We hope you’ve been influenced to make your own Finn Wolfhard snapping fingers meme. Or, maybe you’re going to find even more hilarious examples of it. It’s literally all over TikTok at the moment, so you’re guaranteed to find it within a few scrolls of your For You page.

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