How To Get Different Instagram Fonts For Your Stories
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How To Do Different Instagram Fonts For Your Stories Captions And Bios

Jasmyne Jeffery January 18, 2023

The standard fonts on social media can be a bit…basic. As somewhere that’s meant to be our own little hub of the internet, we want it to be a bit more personal and unique. Luckily, you can get different Instagram fonts for your stories, captions and Instagram bio to set you apart. There are a couple of different ways to get them, and we can tell you how.

Nobody wants to be the same, especially on social media. Sure, we all like to follow the same trends and keep up with what’s viral, but we all like to put our own spin on things. One of the things that people all have the same is their Instagram fonts. However, there are ways to make your profile and stories that little bit out-of-the-ordinary by using different ones.

How To Do Different Instagram Fonts For Stories

This one is probably the easiest to do as you can access different Instagram fonts for your stories within the app itself.

Simply get the picture or video ready that you want to post, and then click the Aa icon in the top right corner. There, you can swipe through the 9 font options Instagram offers. you can change the colour and also use it as a caption for your stories.

However, 9 options isn’t a lot and it will be the same 9 options offered to everybody else. That doesn’t really make your post any different.

Instead, you can use sites like LingoJam. Here, you’re offered a lot more fonts for you to use on your Instagram story. Simply type in your caption, and copy it in the font that you like! After that, you just need to paste it using the text box on Instagram stories. You’ll still be able to change the colour and everything too.

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What About Fonts For Instagram Captions And Bios?

With your captions on your grid posts and your profile bio, Instagram only offers you one font to use as standard. That’s pretty boring, but luckily you can be a bit more creative than that.

Similarly to stories, you can copy and paste different Instagram fonts from other websites. Just write your caption out on the website, find the font you like, and paste it into the captions box before you post! Both you and your followers will then be able to see that you’re no sheep and can’t be put in Instagram’s single-font box!

With your bio, you’ll have to do this by editing your Instagram profile. Typically, people have different sections in their bios. You can have a different font for each bit if that’s what you want. Just write out each section, before pasting and formatting it when editing your profile.

Some websites ask you to create accounts with them before you can access the fonts they offer. That’s why we recommend LingoJam as it’s super easy to use and there’s no sign-up required. If you want to use an alternative that possibly offers more fonts, then just be careful what information you’re giving out and to who. There’s no point in being a creative liberal if you’re putting your personal information at risk.

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