What Are Instagram Candid Stories? How To Use And Turn Off Notification
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What Are Instagram Candid Stories? How To Use It And Turn Off Notifications

Jasmyne Jeffery December 16, 2022

In its latest update, the social media giant has introduced a lot of new features. One which they are trialling is Instagram candid stories. Although not all users have the feature yet, people are already saying it’s very similar to BeReal. If you’ve already had enough then we can tell you how to turn Instagram candid stories notifications off.

Users have noticed that Instagram has had a lot of new features added in its latest update. One of which was Instagram Notes, which is a character-limited form of DM between followers. However, another one getting some attention now is their new candid stories.

What Are Instagram Candid Stories?

Their latest features allows users to take a photo using their front and back camera to upload onto Instagram.

You’re probably already thinking that the concept sounds a little familiar, so we’ll explain it a little more.

Like both BeReal and TikTok Now, you can only see what other people have posted by uploading your own photos using three different methods. The first is through stories, the second through the multi-author story or you’ll receive a daily notification once you’ve uploaded your first Instagram candid story.

The candids will be available to see in the same place that the stories are. However, the feature is still only being trialled, so not everybody has it yet. If Instagram decides to keep candid stories, then it will be rolled out to everyone at a later date.

Some users have already reacted poorly to the feature and have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

How To Use Candid Stories

Just like BeReal, you will have two minutes to capture the photos using one of the methods above. Clicking either the motivation or story upload will bring up the camera and you will be prompted to take a candid story. It will then be available to view by any of your followers that upload their own for.

It’s uncertain whether they will last 24 hours like notes and stories, but it seems very likely that they will.

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The feature is only be trialled on Facebook if you want to get your parents involved too.

How To Turn Instagram Candid Stories Notifications Off

Those who already use BeReal or TikTok Now may not want *another* version of the same thing. Some users are already annoyed that Instagram’s new feature just seems to be copying other apps.

Whilst the actual feature cannot be disabled, you can turn off the notifications for it so you won’t be prompted every day.

According to the Meta website, it’s as simple as following these steps:

Go to your Instagram settings and head down to candid stories. Click the feature and toggle whether you want to receive the notification or not. Easy!

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