How To Download Clips On Twitch
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How To Download Clips On Twitch

Zoe Kramer March 14, 2023

Twitch has rapidly become the most popular app for streaming. While both long and short form video are successful formats with apps like YouTube and TikTok, live video has become massively popular as well. Some of the biggest streamers have become household names. Due to this rise in popularity, people across the world tune into streams to catch them live. However, it isn’t always possible to catch a stream due to time zone differences and schedule conflicts. Clipping has become a standard way to capture the highlights of streams to share with the rest of the internet. Here is how to download clips on Twitch.

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What Is A Twitch Clip?

A clip on Twitch is a short moment captured by a viewer of a stream. This could be a funny moment, or simply one of the most interesting parts of a stream. These are great, since there are a lot of great moments that happen on Twitch that can be lost otherwise. These clips can get published and shared, which helps streamers grow their audiences. YouTube is one of the most common platforms for clips to be shared to.

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How To Clip On Twitch

If you’ve come across a memorable moment in a live broadcast, don’t worry: you can capture it easily to rewatch later. If you want to clip a stream you’re watching, simply hover your cursor over the video feed. Then, click the clapperboard button in the bottom right corner. You can then use the slider tool to choose which moment from the stream you want to capture. Clips can be up to one minute long. Then, you can name your clip and publish it.

How To Download Twitch Clips

Now that your clip is saved, you can download it. To do so, go to your creator dashboard and select the content dropdown menu. Then, go to clips. Select the clip that you want to download and click the download icon.

If you want to download a clip someone else made, you can use or the Twitch Clip Downloader Chrome extension, since those clips won’t be in your library. If you want to download a full stream, you will also need to use third party software. Some programmes that can help you download a full stream are VLC or Twitch Leecher.

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