How To Get Spotify Karaoke Mode For Your Christmas Parties
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How To Get Spotify Karaoke Mode For Your Christmas Parties

Jasmyne Jeffery December 7, 2022

Christmas party season is upon and that only means one thing — the need for fun and festive music and some dodgy singing. Spotify has us all covered on that base with Spotify karaoke mode. Here’s what it is and how you can get it.

A couple of Christmas cocktails in and we all think we can hit Mariah’s high notes in All I Want For Christmas, and why shouldn’t we try? The biggest music streaming service is letting us all have a go with karaoke mode on Spotify. Not sure how it works? We’ll show you how!

What is Spotify Karaoke Mode?

Earlier this summer, Spotify released a new feature that allowed users to sing along without being interrupted by those pesky professionals.

Step aside Adele, we can take it from here.

Not only that, but the app measures how accurate you’re being note-by-note. So, they’ll be no flat notes around here thank you very much. If you’ve ever used Singstar on the Playstation, or WiSing on the Wii, then it’s incredibly similar to that.

At the end of the song, you’ll be given a score out of 100 for how well you’ve done. Play along with the Christmas party gang and whoever does the worst can get the next round of drinks! If you’re the best, then you can brag about it and get your BGT application in pronto.

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How To Get Karaoke Mode On Spotify

You don’t even have to be a premium member to access the feature. Just have an account with the streaming service.

When you listen to a song, you’ve probably noticed that if you scroll down then you can see the lyrics as and when they’re being sang.

For karaoke mode, click the ‘sing’ icon at the top of the lyrics page. The app will then remove the singer’s voice and you’ll be left with the lyrics, a backing track and the audio analyser.

If you’re accessing it via a desktop, then simply click the microphone icon on the bottom right of the song.

Hook it up to the big screen via a wire or Bluetooth so everyone can see. The big boss will be pleased they didn’t have to fork out for a proper set. Just make sure the phone can still hear you to get an accurate score. You don’t want to be the one with a face full of mince pies at the end!

The feature is only available for English-speaking countries at the moment. However, the plan is to roll it out globally in the very near future.

So, will you try our Mariah, duet and do The Pogues, or get everyone going with Slade or Wizard? With Spotify karaoke mode, the options really are endless. Get a bit of dutch courage and sing the night away to celebrate the festive season! Just be prepared to be ridiculed at work the next day.

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